Quantum Voyeur

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In the previous episode, Alana time traveled on her own to visit where the “brighter days” cult was attending a meeting headed by Adam, the cult leader. Forced to decide if she was going to help the captives held on stage, readers voted that she try to stop Adam.

Episode 19

I stand there watching Adam lecture to his followers at the “brighter day” cult. Adam has them in the palm of his hand. He is ranting away yet they do not seem to notice or care.

“Our way is the only way to the kingdom of God! The gateway to the bright light evolutionary level!” He points to the outside and continues. “They, those people out there. They want to stop us because they are scared of our power together, our power to lead to the way of all good. They are scared that we represent truth and order. They know that their ways are lies and chaos.” He points to the girls in chains that are shivering on stage. “We must prove to those outside that we mean business. We must sacrifice these girls to show them!”

The more I listen the more I realize that this man, Adam, is crazy. He is on a power trip and has a death wish. He is going to bring his followers and these poor innocent girls down with him.

Adam keeps rambling on. “My loving followers, you are the power with me, together we can show them the true way, the only way to live righteously in this unjust world.” He points dramatically at the poor girls. “We will send out their heads. It will be our statement to the world that we have no fears and will meet all challenges. Yes, we may die, but we will die in a blaze of glory. In that blaze of glory we will ignite the world with our knowledge.”

Yes, Adam is completely insane. Yet his followers are mesmerized, devouring his words.   In some ways the followers are just as innocent as the girls he has in chains. I cannot stand by and let this happen. I cannot just watch these innocent people die in oblivion.

“Our way is the way to justice on Earth! We will prevail!” the crowd chants in unison.

I choose to help these people as much as I can. My words will pierce through their trance-like adulation and worship of their charismatic sociopath of a leader. I want them to wake up. Wake up…. I utter silently now. Wake up…. wake up… I visualize the energy is coming back to their bodies and senses; they open their eyes wide. They are waking up. I yell out loud now, WAKE UP! Now I see one man coming to his senses, his facial expression is changing. Another man looks around suspiciously. It’s working. I mentally shake up one more time, pushing them to come out of trance and disillusionment.

Suddenly the entire crowd of followers stops their chanting. Their eyes change from locked on Adam to expressing doubt. They look at each other and then back at Adam, glaring at him with contempt.

My words are getting through to them, even though they cannot see me, they can feel me and hear my messages. I know their subconscious can hear me, my words passing through multi-layered dimensions directly to their senses. I choose to believe that and make it happen.

“You must all stop Adam and save yourselves,” I say to the crowd. “He is misleading you, you have been wronged. There is no light and justice in this world with innocent people dying!”

I see more of a shift in the crowd. They have woken up.

One of the people in the front of the crowd points to Adam. “Let’s get him!” he shouts.   They rush the stage.

“What are you doing? Stop! I order you to stop!” Adam says, trembling.

The crowd does not listen as they drag him to the ground.   They start beating him. He is finished. My job here is done. The people who had been enthralled by Adams words are now free from his control.   Now I can leave this place, with great satisfaction. I have proven that I can do good things without Dr. Conners and Mr. Cash. In fact I now believe I can help the world better without them.

I concentrate for a moment, breath deep and I bring myself back in my room, lying in my bed. I am sure that soon the news will be getting to Dr. Conners and Mr. Cash that the government no longer needs to pay for my services.   They will be angry that they lost a high paying job, but I do not care. I am not their tool.

I hear a voice inside my mind. It is Cindy. “Alana, can you hear me?”

I do not respond. After all, these last few days I have learned that my “friends” at the lab, the people who are most like me, cannot be trusted.

“Tom and I know what you did,” Cindy thinks to me. “We also know that you and Jason want to leave…”

I still do not respond to Cindy. I am not sure how to respond.

But Cindy still continues reaching out to me. “Here’s the thing, Alana. Tom and I are on your side. We have a way to turn off the devices that are keeping you here. Please Alana, you have to trust us…Tom and I are not like Lily and Bob. We aren’t jealous of you. We don’t think you are a danger. We believe you can help the world and we want to help you and Jason get out of here!” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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