Quantum Voyeur

QV20Final Episode!

In the previous episode, Alana saved the members and hostages of the “brighter days” cult and upon returning, Cindy and Bob expressed to their desire to help her and Jason escape. Skeptical but hopeful, readers voted that she trust them.

Episode 20

“Trust us,” Cindy tells me mentally as I lie down in my bed. “Tom and I are going to help you get out of this place by taking down the dampers.”

I think about not replying, just ignoring Cindy. But I decide to trust her and answer. “Cindy I appreciate your concern. But I do not need your help.”

Now I hear Tom’s voice in my head. “Alana, part of the lab’s interest in me was I was an engineer before coming here. I worked on the dampers. The dampers have a hundred mile range. That’s why when they take you on outside trips they always stay within that area.”

“Thank you for the information,” I tell them. “I will find a way to get out of the dampers range, even if it means stealing a car…”

“Alana, we will help you,” Cindy insists. “When you get our signal, teleport away from here forever.”

“No, it’s too dangerous for you,” I stress.

“No, it’s too dangerous for everybody else if we do nothing,” Tom tells me.

I hear footsteps coming down the hall. I sense it is Dr. Conners, Mr. Cash, Jason and two guard escorts. Getting up from bed I realize I am still in my nightgown.   I quickly change into my light blue body suit that the lab designed for me to use when I do my quantum voyages. I do not want to tip-off the others that I already know the cult has been stopped and that my skills will not be needed.

I smile to myself knowing that Conners and Cash have lost a job. My smile broadens realizing that I helped others.

There’s a knock on the door.

Opening the door, I enter the hallway. “I have done the mental preparation for my voyage,” I say very matter of fact.

Dr. Conners and Mr. Cash both look upset, though they are trying to mask their feelings with fake smiles.

Dr. Conners puts a hand on my shoulder. “There has been a change. Apparently, our services are no longer needed by the FBI,” he tells me.

I look him in the eyes to see if he will offer up any other information. He meets my glance with stone cold silence.

“From what we understand the cult railed against their leader and killed him,” Jason says breaking the silence. “All the hostages are safe. There were no other casualties.”

“That is great news,” I say with a smile. I keep my eyes on Dr. Conners and Mr. Cash. Their bodies are slumped; they are truly not happy with this result

Dr. Conners and Mr. Cash exchange quick glances. “We would still like you to make the quantum voyage though,” Mr. Cash says. “We are interested in learning what really happened.”

Right then I hear Cindy’s words in my mind. “Alana, we are ready. When you hear our signal, teleport away from here.”

I realize that Cindy and Tom are going to sacrifice themselves for me. I cannot let them do this. I cannot take any of this any longer. I take a quick deep breath, then another. I picture in my mind everything around me moving slower and slower until it eventually stops.

“Alana, what’s wrong with…,” Jason starts to say, until he and everybody around him freeze in place.

Touching Jason on the shoulder I tell him, “Come on Jason we’re getting out of here…”

Jason gets unfrozen and completes his statement, “you?”

He looks around at the still-frozen Dr. Conners, Mr. Cash and the guards. “Alana, what did you do?”

I take him by the hand and start pulling him down the hall. “I slowed time to a near stop so we can get out of here,” I say frantically. “I do not know how long I can hold it…”

Jason follows my lead and we both start racing down the hallway.

“We have to get out of here fast and as far away as possible,” I say running. “Do you know of any place far away from here where we would be safe?”

Jason now is running a little a head of me, actually pulling me a bit through the maze of hallways. “Yes, my family has a cabin in Maine that nobody knows about.”

“Good,” I say as we continue racing through the hallways. “Just picture it in your mind. When we get far enough away from the dampers I will take us there…”

We reach the main door that leads to the outside. Pushing through the door the sun hits our faces. Somehow though, with time slowed like this, it does not seem as warm and as comforting as I thought it should. That is the least of my worries now.

“But Alana, the range on the dampers has to be miles,” Jason says.

I pull Jason around the corner of the main building towards the parking lot.

“That’s why we will take a car and drive until we get out of range…” I tell Jason.

I spot the perfect car for us. It is a red hatchback driven by a short man with glasses. The driver had pulled into the parking lot through the security gate just as I stopped time.

“Come on, hurry,” I tell Jason. “The gate to the facility is frozen open. This is our chance. We’ll pull the driver out then I will start time around the car as we drive away. ”

As we get about ten feet from the car. I sense time starting to move again. The frozen world springs back to life. I pull Jason towards the car.  

The driver sees us. He looks confused but not worried. The guards at the gate also see us. They will react to us soon.

Alarms start going off all over the complex.

“Oh this is bad,” Jason says.

“Halt!” one of the guards shouts, holding his hand out straight.

“Sleep!” I order.

The guards ignore my command. The time stop has taken too much out of me.

“This is for you, Alana,” I hear Cindy and Bob say in my mind.

An explosion rocks the compound. The force from the explosion jolts us all.  

“What was that?” Jason asks.

“That’s our chance….” I say leaning into Jason. “Think of the cabin now.”

“Stop them! Stop them!” I hear Mr. Cash shouting. “Guards, use deadly force if you must!”

I repeat to Jason, “Think of the cabin. Look at me and project the image to me! Do it quickly.”

Jason looks me in the eyes and takes me by the hand. This is the boost my power needed. I see a beautiful small wooden cabin near a lake surrounded by trees. I paint the image in my mind in bright colors. I hear the wind and picture both us standing there now. I want to be there now. We both stream though the whirlpool of cosmic meanderings… I smile when I see the cabin in front of us. The wind is blowing, playing with my hair. I smell the fresh air, so sweet and soothing.

“We did it!” Jason says hugging me. “We did it.”

We are safe, but at what cost? I am not sure if Cindy and Tom survived the attack at the lab. I cannot sense them, which worries me. I also know that Mr. Cash and Dr. Conners will stop at nothing to get me back but that is not going to happen. I am finally free and I am determined to remain so. I lean in and kiss Jason.   I do not know what the future will hold; I only know Jason and I will face it together.   

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