Angels and Demons by Raelynn Hesh

kingdom-75x99Final episode!

In the previous episode… Lucifer went through the portal to rescue Marcel.

Episode 20

Terrified, Lucifer new if he could get to the dock and back through the portal before the water rose too much then they could make it back. Marcel was too scared to even move so Lucifer would have to do it himself. It took all his strength to fight through the water but they made it. As they ran into the portal Lucifer could see the damage they left behind. The fire had grown and now covered everything that wasn’t touched by water. The other souls looked happy to have found a way out as they began leaping into the flames. Lucifer was just glad to be on his way back to paradise.

As the portal opened back up, Lucifer was surprised to see that they were in a deserted part of Heaven. A few minutes later Jasper arrived to see Marcel. He showed them all that he had done from repairing the damaged buildings to stocking plenty of food and wine. He had done all he could to make the deserted area comfortable and had stocked plenty of food and wine. Jasper’s favorite part was that they could be alone. It would be like living in there own little world far from anyone else. 

Lucifer headed back through the portal on his way home. He knew he had done the right thing by setting all things to rest and bringing peace instead of destruction. As he stepped out of the portal he was relieved to see Raphael standing there smiling at him. Raphael said that God had been testing him the whole time. He wanted to see if Lucifer had the compassion and care needed to run a place like Heaven. Tonight, after trading places with Jasper to save Marcel, God knew he was ready. It was time for Lucifer to take over as head of Heaven. He was finally getting the job he had always wanted and all it took was selflessness and love.

Lucifer worked closely with God learning everything he could. His first day in charge he gave Raphael the job of second in command and let him take over half the responsibility since without him none of this would have been possible. As time went by Lucifer realized what a huge job it was being God and was proud that God thought he was capable of handling it and when ever he and Raphael weren’t sure they had plenty of people willing to help.

The End

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