Sexy Sprockets – More Info

Who is Sexy Sprockets?

Sexy Sprockets: an ex-teen pop rock star who is a lower level psi who can broadcast her thoughts and feeling to those around her. Sexy had such huge download hits as Oops you did me again and Do you think I’m sexy if not then you are crazy. Zach first worked with Sexy when she was getting death threats from People Against Talentless Artists, a group that claimed to want to rid the world of artist who had no actual talent. Turns out though Sexy’s manager was actually augmenting her latent psi powers which caused Sexy to force people with limited IQs to actually like and download her music. Zach saved Sexy and the world from being mentally dominated. Since Sexy was about to turn 21 and thus be too old for pop music she retired from the music business and went into politics being elected by a landslide into the World Council. Sexy is shallow and easily distracted yet surprisingly sharp at times.

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