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Aliens and the World Council…

            Aliens who call themselves Gladians landed on Earth on 2/22/2022. (The Gladians like 2s.) The Gladians traded technology for the Earth’s dirt. The Gladians made it clear they could have taken the dirt but decided to repay us with technology because well they are an advanced race and that’s what advanced beings do. For the most part though the Gladians avoid Earth as they claim humans smell funky. People with psi abilities did start popping up about a year after Gladian contact. Some people blame the Gladians others blame the government of the world. Still others blame the entertainment industry.

            Truthfully not much is known about the Gladians. They come from three planets Gladian: six, seven, and nine that sit in a habitable zone in the Milky Way that is 12 light years away from Earth. They all look pretty much the same, pale grey skin, slim humanoid bodies with big heads and big eyes and big hands and feet. The one difference is Gladians from Gladian-VI have six fingers, those from Gladian-VII have seven fingers and those from Gladian-IX have nine fingers.

            The arrival of the Gladians caused the world governments to unite (well somewhat) as they figured a united Earth would be the best way to combat any future alien threats. The united Earth formed a 36 member World Council that oversees matters that affect the entire Earth. Initially the World Council was made up of the leaders from the world’s 30 biggest economies plus random representatives from 6 other countries. Since then though the positions have been modified for one representative from each of the Earths 36 equally sized zones. World Council members are allowed three, three year terms at the most. A council member on their third term is referred to as a senior council member. The council does have an overall leader who is called the council leader or simply the CL. This is a very coveted position since it is a cushy job.

            Of course the states or provinces (as they are often called) still maintain a lot of power. They each have a governor and a province council. The provinces deal with more regional matters. Finally there is city government which hasn’t changed since before the aliens landed. City governments govern much of everyday life. These were kept the way they always have been so as to not upset the general populace.


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