Characters – Zamorna

A shy, imaginative young man who lives in genteel poverty with his three sisters — Charlotte, Emily and Anne —  in a remote region of northern England in the mid-1800s. His father is a strict parson, and Branwell has little access to excitement outside of reading and his own day-dreams.

The Duke of Zamorna
Zamorna is, in fact, a figment of Branwell’s imagination, created in collaboration with his sister, Charlotte. A military leader with a decadent, Byron-esque character, Zamorna is self-indulgent, conceited, a heavy drinker, a womanizer, and a military hero and prince of an imaginary kingdom called Angria, supposedly located somewhere in Africa.

 Eunice, Lady de Trois
A manipulative and self-indulgent seductress, looking to increase her political power through her romantic alliances. Resident of the imaginary kingdom of Angria.

A brilliant, passionate, provincial young poet, living in obscurity (Branwell’s older sister).

Also brilliant, but very eccentric, one of Branwell’s younger sisters.

Lucien de Rubempré:
Zamorna’s drinking companion and fellow military hero in the Kingdom of Angria.

Lucien’s real-life counterpart in England, a poetically-minded drunk who works odd jobs around the parsonage.


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