Characters – Vice Rob

Story Location: The capital city of a New England State

Robin Allen–  Rob, just out of college and a brief try at law school, has recently become a police officer. When he returns after several months at the police academy, he is assigned to join the three detectives on the vice squad, a job no one else wanted. Eager to please but dismayed by his assignment, Rob doggedly soldiers on.

Chief Roberts– The Chief is an old friend of Rob’s dad and hired Rob as a favor. He assigns Rob to Vice when no one in the department would take the assignment. The Chief is lazy and behind the times. He’s allowed Vice to focus on arresting the street girls and ignoring other forms of sex crimes. He’s been cited by the mayor, the state police and the FBI for this deficiency.

Detective Ralph Dupre– Dupre has been on the force for twenty years and on the vice squad for most of that time. He went to high school with the Chief and is just as lazy. He has never passed the physical fitness tests given by the department. Obese and brutally frank, Dupre’s value to the department is that he seems to know everyone in the city and how they are connected.

Detective Merrill Fry– Fry is a tall thin twitchy man. He started as a beat cop in New York City but escaped to New England after three years. Grouchy, Fry is always griping but is the hardest working and most productive detective in vice.

Detective Margaret Elizabeth Pickett- Pickett is a stooped, large woman. Not fat, large. She’s in her fifties but fairly new to police work. After ten years as a high school history teacher, she delights in the freedom of police work. She dresses and smells like a street person but has wonderful rapport with the real street people. Pickett knows where and how the downtrodden live and spends her days using the law to help them.

Michael Sharpe- Sharpe is an FBI official based in Washington. He leads a sex crime team and often follows cases into the field. Rob has gone to conferences led by Sharpe to educate local police in internet crime detection. He comes to Rob’s department when a large importer of sex workers from South America is suspected in Rob’s city.

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