Characters – To Run from Molasses

A cruel man that sees life only through his perspective, never accepting nor considering others’ feelings. He feels himself lured to bad thoughts and wrong choices only to benefit his materialistic needs, and in honor of cruel men everywhere, Hanson will never change.

A witty girl that takes in her surroundings and keeps her claws in on everything going on around her. She is strict, tough, and intelligent.

Jemma’s father
A racist of all things, sees Hanson as the wrong guy for his girl, like so many dads. He, at times, fantasizes killing Hanson in a million different ways, believing that Jemma wouldn’t be affected, because deep down she may not truly love him.

The bookie-like fellow. The supporting character, everything generic and cliché about him comes from a place of honesty. He admires comedy and portrays it.

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