Characters – The Ringer

Clark Basseri
For now, Clark is co-worker to Clay at his architectural firm. Tall, dark and handsome combined with his charm, Clark rarely has trouble when pursuing a woman.

Clay Dowling
27 years old, Husband to Scarlett who he met in his last year of college, her first, he is an architect quite opposite his spouse. Punctual and persistent, Clay has gotten where he is in life because of his tenacity and ambition with the tendency to sometimes take things a little too seriously. While his childhood was fairly boilerplate, he has always been understanding and supportive of Scarlett’s past despite that.

Scarlett Dowling
23 years old, Wife to Clay, she has not yet found a calling in life that she feels strongly enough about to do for the rest of her days but she works hard as a freelance writer, painter/interior designer and is dedicated to her husband. Her past includes a father who was unfaithful to her mother, tearing the family apart, the death of her sister, and an abusive relationship from which she barely escaped.

Evie Diedrich
Evie is a fellow painter, though much more advanced and well known for her work as it has been featured in a number of galleries and is often commissioned. She has always been a great help to Scarlett as they have been friends since second grade.

Andrew Saunders
Scarlett’s father, cheated on her mother when Scarlett was still very young. Left the family unraveling to live his other life sending her mother into a depression she narrowly got out of.

Elaine Saunders
Scarlett’s mother.


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