Characters – The Hot Babysitter

He is NOT a cowboy! Yes, he’s the son of famous cowboy/bull-rider Zane Goodnight. Yes, he lives on a 100 acre ranch in West Texas. And yes, he is well aware that, here, he is woefully in the minority. 

Max makes good grades, is a good friend, plays the cello… not that anybody cares. No. Around here, if you can sit on a bucking bull for 8 seconds THAT’S what matters! He can’t wait to graduate and go OFF to college.

He’s also very alone, heartbroken at the loss of his mother to cancer. She was the buffer in the home, the peacekeeper between the opposite leaning men (Max and his dad). Without her all that’s left is tension. And bringing in a hot baby-sitter does NOT help.

Palo Duro Canyon’s favorite son. Born and raised in this West Texas town into a family of ranchers — a family line that goes back over one hundred years.
Though he’s always had cowboy values, the family got out of the ranching business before he was born. Zane went to college, studied business, fell in love, and took up rodeo.
In time, he segued from general rodeoing to bull-riding exclusively. Though he’s been in a slump, he was once considered one of Professional Bull-Riding’s top riders. 
Sixteen years ago, Zane married Marie Parker. They were married 14 years before she succumbed to brain cancer. The past two years have been rough, both practically (how to care for his son) and emotionally.
Zane Goodnight’s been injured many times in his career, but he would rather endure any physical pain than deal with the pain of his broken heart.  

TALA (19)
Native American from the Sioux tribe. Born in Indian Territory (now known as the state of Oklahoma) on a reservation. She grew up poor, but with access to American pop culture.
Though not arrogant, Tala has always been aware that her beauty would open doors if she were to venture out among “the white’s.” Though only 19, she’s already been on her own for three years.
It’s kind of a miracle how she came to live with the Goodnight men. Or is it? In time she comes to love them both… but sometimes people aren’t exactly what they seem.


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