Characters – Changeling’s Choice


The youngest of Toten’s princes, Soren believes he is a Changeling, a faerie child brought up in a human household. Bitter about his destiny to serve his elder brothers, he decides to seek his fortune in the Wildlands, intent on finding his place among the trolls, dwarves, and elves in the Faerie Realm. He is not happy when he is followed by the scullery maid, Linnea, but grudgingly allows her to accompany him when she points out that without her, he will starve, since he has never cooked a meal in his life.


An outspoken, headstrong girl employed as a scullery maid in the castle home of Soren and his family, Linnea is the only witness to Soren’s departure into the Wildlands, and she decides that it is her duty to follow and protect him. Soren, however, would like nothing more than for her to leave him alone.

King Grimar

Soren’s father and the King of Toten, Grimar is a wise but aging king. He does his best to teach his sons to rule compassionately, but Henrik and Filip are young, seeking glory and renown, while Soren is brooding and disinterested in anything relating to the kingdom.

Queen Abelone

Soren’s mother, Queen Abelone is a kind, beautiful woman. She tries everything to make her youngest son happy, but inadvertently causes him to run away when she tells him about the legend of the Changelings.

Henrik and Filip

Soren’s older brothers Henrik and Filip have tormented him since he was young. Henrik is the eldest, groomed to be the future king, and Filip is the middle brother, trained to be a military commander. Their success and good looks have left Soren bitter and resentful.


The youngest child of the king and queen of Toten, Eva is a radiant blonde girl that is as spoiled as any princess could be. Despite her arrogance and selfishness, Soren gets along with her best of all his siblings.


Though Soren resents human contact, he take the precaution of bringing one of the hunting dogs, Balder, with him when he leaves Toten, to keep away the wolves and to catch game.


A forest dwelling woman, Dania causes trouble for Soren and Linnea when she reveals herself as a Huldra, a dangerous seductress.


Aksel is a malevolent water spirit, or nokken, that lures Soren and Linnea into the marshlands with his sweet, melodious music.

Erik and Evert

The two dwarves Erik and Evert are like any other dwarves; they are greedy magical beings with a gift for metallurgy. It is up to Soren and Linnea to outwit them in order to continue their journey to find Soren’s family.

Kelda, Annika, and Tilde- Soren and Linnea come across these elf sisters in the Wildland Woods. But the two travelers are unsure if the beautiful maids are friends or foes.


Ulla is the Queen of the Trolls, a magical faerie creature with supernatural powers. She is more reasonable than her stern husband, King Trond, and more sympathetic than her troublesome sons, Pal, Pavel, and Poul.


The King of the Trolls, Trond is an old, grumpy individual with little patience for anything new and different. He wants nothing to do with Soren and Linnea, and spends most of his time sulking on his mossy throne.

Pal, Pavel, and Poul

The three sons of Trond and Ulla are mischievous troublemakers. When Soren meets them, he is convinced that he was exchanged with one of them at birth, and that one of them is really a human while he is the troll.

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