Characters – The Captain’s Captive

Captain's Captive

Aubrey Elliott – Bored with her career and inactive social life, Aubrey decides to make a solo trip to Savannah. There she meets “John Smith,” whose charm lulls her into a false sense of security.

John Smith (aka, The Captain) – His real identity unknown, this wealthy Australian charms Aubrey into letting her guard down. They bond over the humor of having a name that is so unbelievable that there is no way he is telling the truth.

Gabrielle “Gabby” Smith – “John’s” sister, who helps her brother lure in the unsuspecting Aubrey for her own amusement. She has a long-standing crush on a handsome member of the yacht crew. This later becomes a source of contention between herself and Aubrey.

Miles Adams – A sympathetic crewmember who wants desperately to help Aubrey, but is at war with the conflicting desire for self-preservation. The Captain has a secret on Miles with which to black mail him.