Characters – Duke Lethe and the Tangents

Duke Lethe – The frontman of the Tangents. Tall and twiggy, he makes up for his anxiety, absent- mindedness and lack of tact by having the stage presence and charisma of a dictator. His ambition knows no bounds, and he will stop at nothing to make himself a rock legend.

Joanna “Jo” Karver – The drummer. Like any mother hen, she cares deeply for her bandmates and will do anything to protect them, but one step out of line and they are in for the verbal thrashing of a lifetime. She is oftentimes the only sane person in the room. She’s also a former law student, and acts as the financial advisor and (temporary) band manager.

Maeve Labouffe – The guitarist. She is very quiet and shy, but she is a damn good musician and is slowly gaining confidence in her abilities. She is a bit of a shutterbug, something that occasionally gets on other people’s nerves, but she ignores them. She struggles with the reality that she cannot please everyone.

Cooper Danza – The bassist. A Southern boy through and through, he is earnest, honorable, and built like a rugby player. He is by no means unintelligent, but he can be a bit slow on the uptake at times. He and Sextus were best friends even before they hooked up, and their relationship is equal parts romance and taking the Mickey out of each other.

Sextus “Six” Mancini – The pianist/multi-instrumentalist. Hailing from Melbourne, he has a wit drier than the Australian Outback and a temper more volatile than a bushfire. He can and will flirt with anything on two legs regardless of age, sex, gender, or any other of those pesky little details.