Characters – Survivor’s Trust


Cordelia Simms – An ambitious young lawyer and single mom.

Marj Creasy – The first woman in town to make partner at a law firm. Cordelia’s mentor.

DeeDee Simms – The widow of a high-profile judge. Cordelia’s mother.

Lawrence Joyner – A cop who remembers Cordelia all too well.

Tasha Bales – Ms. Creasy’s paralegal.

Lois Powell – Ms. Creasy’s secretary.

Scott Chastain – A third-year associate at Meaders & Rose.

Richard Demarest – A senior partner at Meaders & Rose, who knows Cordelia’s secret.

Angela Humphrey – Cordelia’s sponsor.

Zoe Ackerman – Cordelia’s first client, an unlikely heiress.

Henry Norris – Zoe’s opponent.

Anthony Simms – Cordelia’s brother, responsible for supporting DeeDee.