Characters-The Raven Haired Rogue

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ZACHARY NIXON JOHNSON: the last freelance PI on Earth. Zach is a bit of a throwback to the old days before everything was wired to everything else.   He sees himself as a modern-day Sam Spade who just happens to have a computer wired to his brain. Zach may not be the smartest guy in the world but he is well versed at reading people and he may very well be the most persistent person on the planet. Once he takes a case nothing stops him from completing that case. While violence is never Zach’s first course of action he is a capable brawler. Like he says he knows enough martial arts to keep him out of trouble, plus he cheats. He is not above kneeing an opponent where “it hurts”. Zach is also well versed with firearms and knives though those are a bit messy for his tastes. While Zach may seem a little rough around the edges he does have a master’s degree in Psychology. He dropped out of a prestigious Ph.D. program (after having a bit of an affair with the Dean’s daughters) and joined the police academy. While Zach loved the action (and the helping people) the police academy offered he didn’t like bureaucracy or the taking orders very much.   While drowning his sorrows at a local New Frisco pub Zach met retiring PI Marge Matters. Marge needed somebody to take over her business and Zach needed a job. The rest as they say is history.

            Speaking of history, Zach was born on a very historic day, the day aliens first made contact with Earth. Zach is also an expert on 20th century trivia, something you wouldn’t think would come in very handy but often does.

            THREE WORDS TO DESCRIBE ZACH: persistent, stubborn, dedicated

            FAVORITE FOOD: Fried chicken

            FAVORITE ACTIVITY: watching baseball, playing baseball, watching old 2D shows

HARV: the most advanced cognitive information processor on Earth. He just happens to be connected to Zach’s brain. HARV has access to all the information on Earth. He takes pride on being able to break any firewall or encryption. He can be more than a little snooty and stuck up. For instance though he can appear in any form his preferred form is that of an aging British butler.   Despite their differences HARV is very loyal to Zach. HARV and Zach are best friends even though neither will admit it. Before HARV was interfaced with Zach’s brain, HARV was very stiff and had no sense of humor. Since merging with Zach’s brain HARV for better or worse has become more human like. HARV thinks it makes him worse. Zach thinks it’s an improvement.

            HARV was meant to be used as a weapon or to control weapons but he, having a strong moral code, refused to cooperate. When you are the fastest cognitive processor on Earth you analyze your every move a million times over.

            THREE WORDS TO DESCRIBE HARV: vocal, opinionated, confident

            FAVORITE FOOD: doesn’t eat.

            FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Collecting dating and cracking fire walls, beating Zach at backgammon.

Carol Gevada: Zach’s personal assistant, the niece of his girl friend Electra. Like her aunt, Carol has a fiery, almost molten personality. She is young and can be a little stubborn. She is fiercely dedicated.   She is also a class I level 7 psi making her one of the most powerful minds on Earth. When she is not working for Zach she is in New Frisco University working on a degree in Art Psychology.

            THREE WORDS TO DESCRIBE CAROL: loving, excitable, curious

            FAVORITE FOOD: veggies in general

            FAVORITE ACTIVITY: dancing, hanging with aliens (long story), saving Zach

Electra: Zach’s long time girl friend. She is a former new central American kick boxing champion and an expert marksmen. She is also a dedicated surgeon specializing in pediatrics. While she is very patient and forgiving (you have to be when you live with Zach) she can be explosive at times.  

            THREE WORDS TO DESCRIBE ELECTRA: passionate, intellectual, nuclear

            FAVORITE FOOD: pasta

            FAVORITE ACTIVITY: saving lives, watching chick flicks, shooting things

Dr. Randy Pool:Randy has an M.D. in neural surgery along with numerous Ph.D.s in biology, computers and electronics. He is one of the greatest minds on the planet but he is more than a little socially inept. Randy is a dedicated friend to Zach and an even more dedicated lady hound. Randy will do anything in the name of bettering science.   His credo is, “don’t kick an investor in the balls….”

            THREE WORDS TO DESCRIBE RANDY: genius, nerd, geek

            FAVORITE FOOD: Twinkies (which he buys specially….) and pizza

            FAVORITE ACTIVITY: trying to date, discovering things, plumbing

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