Characters – The Plight of Lavash

Twenty years of being a husband, father and teacher have not dulled his acrobatic abilities or reflexes significantly. Gremlaw has slightly more bulk than he had in his twenties, mainly muscle with a little fat over the top. His grey eyes remain as sharp and alert as before. He has a healthy tan from teaching outside and his light brown hair is still kept neat and short. Still gifted in mimicry and possessed of a keen mind, his natural talents have been put to use in honing those of others in similar situations.

Gremlaw’s wife and childhood love. She is as thin and athletic as her husband yet the years spent raising their daughter have given her a new perspective on life and she has finally found her calling in being a mother. As she and Gremlaw could only have one child, Huleta satisfies her nurturing abilities by caring for the younger pupils Gremlaw tutors. She has long white-blonde hair and azure blue eyes which have developed laughter lines at the edges. All the students seem to find her an easy mother figure to go to in times of strife.

Gremlaw and Huleta’s daughter has inherited the thin, athletic body both her parents have. She has dark blue, almost black eyes and light brown hair which is kept shoulder length and nearly always tied back. She has become Gremlaw’s star pupil and somewhat of a protégée although Gremlaw would never entertain the idea she actually become a spy, he wants Neevis to take over the teaching part of his job so he is able to spend more time with his wife.

Marshi (MarTshiSrin) – Since her flight from Lavash twenty years previously, Marshi has seen pain and anguish at the loss of her mother, Mi-Zhu-Quan and stepfather, Dron who passed away six and seven years ago respectively. She met and fell in love with one of the DeLarouge family’s household guards and they married and have two children. Marshi has been assisting Gremlaw and Huleta at the academy teaching their students how to identify magic use.

Marshi’s husband and head of the DeLarouge household guard. Much taller and more muscular than any of the other characters, he is the typical soldier. Dedicated to his job, Dornoyen is fiercely loyal to the DeLarouge family and the current Duke, Wattiern’s son. Dark hair and brown eyes with a square jaw almost permanently showing the darkness of a beard.

Mushi and Dornoyen’s elder son is a hybrid mix of Trathlainian and Lavashian. He has his father’s bulk and height combined with his mother’s large eyes. Coloration follows his father’s dark brown; thick, curly hair tops his head but his large eyes are the lupine yellow of his mother. His single wish is to follow in his father’s footsteps and enter the household guard, to which end he is also involved in teaching with Gremlaw.

Younger daughter of Mishu and Dornoyen. Follows more closely in her mother’s footsteps being diminutive in stature and midnight black hair which looks to have purple highlights. At fourteen, she is the baby of the family and doted on by all due to her sweet nature. Her round, Lavashian eyes are almost lime green.

Argrotiern DeLarouge
The newest Duke of Tralandane, the capital city of Trathlain almost the spitting image of his father, he does not share his father’s underhand tactics. He prefers to recruit people who have natural abilities by offering them the opportunity to better themselves rather than face the possibility of being imprisoned.

Newly crowned King of Trathlain, just two years previously, after the death of King Garnandius. Lormenio is a more studious King than was his father and less liable to fits of temper. As yet unmarried, there is a possibility the Lavashian Emperor will send a suitable bride for him in an attempt to bring the two countries together. Lormenio is broad shouldered and muscular, with a full head of almost golden brown hair and intense brown eyes flecked with gold. While solemn by general nature, he is quick to laugh in the right company.

AgingEmperor of Lavash who was nephew of the previous Emperor, driven mad by Mushi. He has worn the years well and is still a prime and vital man if not a little overweight. Instigated a period of change as soon as he was declared Emperor turning his uncle’s poor running of the country to its advantage by concentrating on trade rather than invasion.


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