Characters – Paradise High

MIKE NIGHT – is a teen-age, angel warrior. He’s fairly intense, but now that he’s met Shelly, he’s becoming more of a romantic. 

Once he arrives on earth, Mike rents a room from Shelly’s mom (the trailer next door) and he enrolls in Paradise High. Mike goes to school, hangs out at the beach, and at the restaurant, and he pursues Shelly.

Mike is wise in the ways of the universe… but a novice when it comes to romance, human emotions, and love.

SHELLY BLOOM – is human. She’s a student, artist, and part-time waitress at the Cove Restaurant that her mom owns. She’s cute. Full of smiles and brightness. It’s easy to see why Mike fell for her. She’s the eternal optimist, but not “Pollyanna”. She’s full of energy and life.

Though she likes Mike, she’s just getting over being hurt by a boy, and wants to be “just friends” for now. She has no idea that Mike is an angel, or that the fate of the universe rests with her. (And Mike is NOT allowed to tell her — another rule.)

GABE TRUMPS – is a jaded teen geek. He is lazy. Like Mike, he tried to save the humans from their stupid ways but failed. He never could understand them.

            “Why would anyone drive a stick when they

            have automatic transmission? Why would

            anyone go to Vegas when they know they’re

            going to lose money? Why would anyone marry

            Honey Boo-Boo’s mom? Nothing here makes SENSE!” 

He just doesn’t get humans, and now he’s had it. Gabe’s actually ready for God to end the world — he doesn’t care. It just seems a shame to destroy everything when it took like, six DAYS to create it!

B.L.Z. BUB – is teen slacker, and beach Life Guard. Oh sure, he’ll let you drown, but he likes the gig cause it’s outside and the pay is sweet. He’s a former angel who, at one time, wanted to save the world. Now, he works for the other team (i.e. Satan) but he’s not evil, just an airhead stoner with a wild imagination and fantasy life. He doesn’t have angelic or demonic powers… just some wicked game, dude! 

 MARY BLOOM – is Shelly’s single mom. She owns and runs the Paradise Cove restaurant and bar, and she rents out rooms for extra money. They’re not rich, but secure. Shelly is mature and doesn’t need her mommy all the time, so we only see Mary now and again. She is helpful and kind.

MO – is the 25 year-old trailer park cougar. She’s usually at the bar in the Cove Restaurant trying to “score.” Very flirtatious. Very promiscuous. She makes amateur porn on the side, more for fun than money. She “hooks up” with… well, anybody.   

Mo gives Mike plenty of reasons NOT to save the human race. A trailer trash slut with an attitude — bless her heart. 

GOD – (voice only). If you didn’t know better you’d swear God had a “little man” complex. Sure, He’s all wise and all-powerful blah-blah-blah, but sometimes he gets a bit, well… over-the-top. But He is GOD so he has god-like qualities.

He’s an authoritative, father-figure, “mentor” to Mike and, in time, we wonder if maybe these missions to save Earth are really God’s way of teaching his young angels the important values of forgiveness and gratitude. Things that they in heaven, but take for granted. 


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