Characters – Lies of Wolves

Karyna, the “Bloody Rose”-
When she was six, Karyna’s father was slaughtered in a raid and mother raped and thrown into the sea. Having survived by hiding in a nearby cave, Karyna was taken by her uncle Oleg to live with him on the island of Draget, where he was the chief. She was raised to be a brutal warrior, and earned the name The Bloody Rose after she took revenge on the clan that killed her parents. During the battle, she suffered a deep gash across her face, blinding her in her left eye. Despite her scars, she is highly sought after for her talents and good bloodline. In an effort to strengthen his own position amongst the clans, Oleg made an arrangement with Chief Imrich of Birkholm for her to marry his son, Garik the Wolf Slayer.

Garik the Wolf Slayer
Garik becomes betrothed to Karyna after his fame grows as the slayer of great wolf, Eyulf. He is the eldest son of Chieftain Imrich. A cocky, cunning warrior, he sees Karyna as nothing more than a prize. But after meeting him and realizing he is not as talented as he pretends to be, Karyna begins to question if he really did kill the great wolf. His past with the Valkyrie Hildr makes Karyna particularly suspicious.

As the chief of Birkholm, Imrich is a powerful and influential leader amongst the Viking clans. He has four sons, including Garik the Wolf Slayer, and a daughter, Freydis. He has a strong belief that blood is everything, and will hear no word against his favorite son. Having Garik marry Karyna is a great source of pride for him, believing that his bloodline will grow stronger when she bears sons.

Karyna’s uncle. He trained her to fight and sail after taking her in when her parents were killed. He has no children of his own, so he arranges a marriage between Karyna and Garik in order to increase his own standing amongst the clans. His own clan is dying out, and he fears Imrich will raid his village if an alliance is not made.

The only daughter of Imrich. She is kind to Karyna when she arrives, helping her adjust to the new island. But her true nature comes out as the wedding of Karyna and Garik approaches. Freydis is barren, and envies Karyna for having the chance to marry and have sons. Her inability to find a husband has made her bitter, which does not bode well for Karyna, as she is equally as cunning as Garik.

Karyna’s horse, an auburn North Swedish gelding. He is Karyna’s closest friend, and accompanies her to Birkholm.

One of the Elvor (wood elves). He helps Karyna realize the truth about her betrothed.

A Valkyrie that has a mysterious past with Garik.

A water creature that sits under waterfalls and plays the music of nature on his fiddle. He can charm the trees into dancing or the waterfall to stop flowing. If given a nice piece of meat, he will teach a human to play.

The God of mischief is eyeing Birkholm. He feels cheated after the death of his pet, Eyulf. He seeks revenge on Birkholm and Garik.


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