Characters – Kitty McClarren

Kitty McClarren–
A green-eyed twenty-seven year old of Brazilian and Irish descent, originally from New Jersey.  Kitty’s parents divorced when she was in grade school; her mother, Maryanne, works as a seamstress (even though Kitty helps her mother out financially) and she does not have a relationship with her father.  Many actors and famous men have tried to date the supermodel–some successfully–but she has never been much of a man juggler.  In her twenty-seven years, she’s had two long-term relationships; one ended because she was traveling so often it was impossible to make it work, and with other, the boyfriend was cheating on her with a socialite.  Kitty carries herself elegantly and has an overall vibe of aloofness.  She would rather people think her a snob than wear her emotions on her sleeve and appear vulnerable.  A diva at times, she’s been known to throw a hissy fit over trivial details.  She has a soft spot for animals and hopes to have children one day.  Her dilemma, however, is that she has focused so much on her career that her love life has been neglected.  Consequently, she is lonely as well as bored with modeling.  She needs a change, something exciting–or someone exciting–and fast.

Celeste McClarren Downs–
Kitty’s older half-sister on her father’s side.  She also has no relationship with her deadbeat dad.  Celeste is a quiet, even-tempered blonde with a Grace Kelly face.  Throughout her 20s, she was also a model, only plus size.  Rehab for drug and alcohol abuse called her name not once but three times during her modeling years; she finally kicked her habit at twenty-nine.  Now thirty-three, she has settled into a very comfortable life in NYC with her toddlers, Luca and Lilly, and her philanthropist husband, Frederick.  While she gets along with Kitty and loves her, they have never been incredibly close.

Frederick Downs–
Atlanta-bred and born with a silver spoon, Frederick is Celeste’s rock, her salt-and-pepper-haired knight in shining armor.  He helped the fifteen-years-younger Celeste get clean and was instrumental in her sobriety (he knows a thing or two about addiction himself, having had a mother and aunt who were addicts of the prescription variety.)  He frowns on the fashion industry and thinks it’s a a bad influence on anyone with a pulse.  He and Celeste both hope Kitty finds a new profession, something respectable and less superficial.

A sassy, extremely talented hair stylist originally from Puerto Rico.  At just twenty-two, Juan has worked for the who’s who of the fashion world.  He often speaks before he thinks, and likes to share TMI, but he has never been accused of dishonesty.  He likes to party, sometimes indulging in cocaine and Molly, but it does not interfere with his work.  His career is his life and he would never go completely off the deep end by screwing it up with drugs.

Bobby Vitolli–
JFK Jr.-like, with a gun.  Bobby has been involved in organized crime, on and off, since he was a teenager.  He has had many side jobs over the years, such as owning a dry cleaning business as well as a deli.  Well groomed and dressed, like a 40s matinee idol, his devil-may-care air adds to roguish charm.  He’s close with his sister, Olivia, who is very protective of him.  Even though most of his underworld cohorts are smarmy and/or sinister looking, Bobby does not have the same look about him; he is much more dashing than his cronies and knows it.  He’s definitely a ladies man but has refrained from getting too close to any one woman.  He’s scared of commitment, though he would rather die than admit it.  He’s also a mama’s boy and, at thirty-six, still goes over to his parent’s place (his boyhood home) in Brooklyn every Sunday for dinner.

Olivia Vitolli–
A brunette stunner, Olivia was born to Sicilian immigrants, Silvio and Antoinette, in Brooklyn.  She’s the youngest of three children–Bobby being the oldest and a brother, Michael, the middle child.  By twenty-one, she was a top model, but when she married residential real estate developer, Hugh Hanley, five years later, she decided to dump modeling life in favor of a traditional marriage.  During her modeling days, she was frequently booked on the same shoots and fashion shows as Kitty, and the two girls got on very well.  Kitty is secretly jealous that Olivia has found her Happy Ever After, though Olivia remains clueless to the fact.

Paul Mazzarini–
An underworld crime boss.  Sixty pounds overweight, with a head of sparse silver hair and a double chin, Paul looks very grandfatherly.  He has a wife, Marie, of thirty-two years and four daughters.  Due to his “soft” appearance, people often underestimate him, which works to his advantage, since he is, in reality, a hot-blooded killer.  In various degrees, he has been responsible for the murder of twenty-eight men.

Wayne Marsh–
Preeminent fashion photographer.  Midwest stock, from Indiana.  A tall, thin man in his early forties.  Wayne has never been married, nor does he have children; he is a loner by nature and his work keeps him very busy.  He has been infatuated with Kitty since he first photographed her when she was twenty-two.  But he has never pursued her, the main reason being he feels she is out of his league.

Clarissa Goldenblatt–
A curvaceous, vivacious woman of thirty-five, Clarissa is a career woman who mixes business with pleasure.  She heads her own modeling agency, Goldenblatt Inc., and personally discovered a nineteen year old Kitty at an Usher concert.  She quickly signed Kitty and has repped her ever since.  Clarissa acts as both friend and mentor to Kitty.  She has no problem speaking her mind, enjoys when she is referred to as a bitch, and thinks it would be more enjoyable having a Novocain-free root canal than children.  Brazen, blonde, and shamelessly driven by money.  Being a child of domestic abuse, she donates to women’s shelters and will give a friend the Blass off her back without thinking twice.

Richie Snyder–
Pale, wiry, and only a hair above above five foot three, Richie is a common drug dealer with an elite clientele–wealthy businessmen, those in the entertainment industry, and fashionistas.  He mostly peddles coke, but has also dealt heroin.  He grew up in a middle class Philadelphia suburb but would rather make a quick buck his way than adhere to any rules.  Six years ago, he was kicked out of University of Pennsylvania for dealing pot; he headed to New York, rooming with his best friend, and never looked back.  His hair is so black it appears dyed, however, it’s naturally that dark.

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