Characters – Kiss Them Deadly

Alexa Carra:
Was found by the government when she was 13, discovered in an orphanage after accidentally killing two teens who molested her.  Alexa has the ability to drain energy from people by touch, giving her in effect a death touch.  This ability makes Alexa the perfect assassin.  Alexa has been trained to somewhat control her power but the more emotional she becomes the less control she has over her powers.  The government agency that discovered Alexa has also trained her with firearms and hand to hand combat.  Alexa is now 21 and the deadliest person on Earth.  She believes she is helping maintain justice and order. 

Dr. Ralph Foormer:
Alexa’s handler and the closest thing she has to a parent.  Dr. Foormer does care about Alexa and generally wants what is best for her.

General Irene Carter:
A two star Earth force general.  General Carter is all about keeping order and controlling information in a world that has so much information and seemingly so little order. General Carter will do what it takes to get the job done. 

Donald King:
The billionaire owner of Cover Co, the company the works with the government to help keep secret what they want to keep secret.  King only cares about profits his.  He generally is not concerned with the fate of the world.  When the US government could no longer afford to keep their enhanced assassin program going, Cover Co took it over.

Raymond Mann:
A hacker / blogger dedicated to exposing the truth.  He can be a bit stubborn and thick headed.  He can mentally tap into computer systems.

S.I.D: Special Information Device:
An intelligent computer system that feeds Alexa information and links her with her handlers.  SID has a personality of his own.  Alexa wears her SID interface as an interactive electronic tattoo over her left eye .

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