Characters – Heart of Palms

Location: Oak Hill, a mid-size city in the Midwest

Cole Wells: A stunningly handsome, athletic and tall 23-year-old who has just been acquitted on drug trafficking charges and is now in a coma. His intellect is a bit below average but his good looks help him much more than a college degree. He’s always been close to his dad since his mother passed away. His father has provided support since things are more difficult for Cole to process. He’s had many girlfriends though most become frustrated and think he’s just “too slow”. Recently, he was caught selling drugs for Sara. She has been a good friend but he wanted to get closer to her and he thought he could help her.

Jack Wells: Cole’s father, a police officer, who has never gotten over his wife’s death thirteen years ago. He has devoted his life to taking care of Cole. After assaulting his son for reasons no one knows, he abruptly disappears from Oak Hill. His colleague on the police force, Angela begins a search for him and to investigate what has happened. Jack is a tortured soul that Angela is secretly in love with and she want to help but he has never felt the desire to be with anyone else.

Angela Torres: She moved to California when she was just 16 by herself from Mexico. Her father had been a government official in Tijuana. Drug lords had killed her whole family but she was able to escape to California and had to fend for herself as a teenager, homeless and with little English. Eventually, she became a US citizen, entered the police academy and moved to Oak Hill for a position on the force where over the years she has fallen in love with Jack though he is unaware.

Ivy Keller: A mysterious palm reader and psychic who is a member of an odd, small religion called Discordianism. Believers worship Eris, the goddess of chaos.  The core of their philosophy is that disorder or chaos is as important as order. Ivy wants to prove that societal “order” is just an illusion. She provides guidance to many of the wealthy and powerful in Oak Hill. However many of them are just pawns in her quest to prove the power of chaos over order. Her true goal is to rise to leadership within her religious group.

Veronica Stanton: Ella and Bella’s mother, a powerful woman as she has a talent for numbers and is CFO at her family’s multi-billion dollar biotech business that her husband’s grandfather originally started. She wants to put her family first but business is her true love. She has a strained relationship with nearly everyone in her family but she is highly regarded in the corporate world. Recently she has been under high stress due to her husband’s mental state and the US Department of Justice investigating her company’s drug sales as unethical.

Josh Stanton: Ella and Bella’s father, still married to Veronica though their marriage has been long over. He knew Veronica never really cared for him and only married him to get into the family business. He left the corporate world as soon as his daughter Ella was born. He was happiest to enjoy nature and life rather than climbing the corporate ladder. The past year he felt an overwhelming desire to be part of the earth and started a small farm on their estate. His wife thinks he’s losing his mind and has been forcing him to visit a psychiatrist. He often thinks of running away to Europe but loves his daughters too much to move away so far.

Ella Stanton: A brain surgeon who believes in hard work like her mother though she has never cared about money or power, unlike Veronica. She is highly intelligent but has no social life. She only has her colleagues at work that she is friendly with, and she is close to her dad but hasn’t dated since her last boyfriend cheated on her two years ago. She wants to be in love but doesn’t think it will ever happen again. She devotes all of her time to work, lives in a small apartment near the hospital and recently acquired a cat from the shelter.

Bella Stanton: a talented and beautiful singer who just wants to be famous. Still living at home in the family estate with her parents and is in love with her boyfriend Denny, a videographer for the local news channel. She is fun loving but naïve and depends on Ivy for her guidance. She started dating Denny because of his local connections to people in the club scene and she thought that might help her get discovered. It didn’t take her long to fall in love with him though as he adores her which gives her confidence and he makes her laugh.

Dr. Evan Michaels: A psychiatrist at the same hospital as Ella and has been treating her father recently. He is not a handsome man but quite the womanizer and finds it easy to get close to many of his patients. In all of his experience treating women and their issues, he feels he understands their needs and emotions more than most. He has had a couple of close calls with angry past female clients who have threatened to go to the hospital board with their encounters. Recently he has vowed never to sleep with actual clients again.

Denny Nolan: Videographer for a local news station, boyfriend of Bella. His nickname is Chunky Monkey, as he’s a bit overweight and has a great sense of humor. He wants to be famous also but from behind the camera. He just wants to capture great moments and someday something meaningful in history. He feels lucky to be with Bella and wants to propose to her soon.

Oliver Wagner:  A DJ by night and deals a bit of drugs on the side with his sister for extra cash. He never does drugs and doesn’t like to feel out of control but he needs the easy money. He’s been very serious about making it big as a DJ so he went to Miami for the club scene for a while. He’s returned home to help with his mom and sister Sara. He’s discovered that Sara has been getting into speed and he’s concerned. His mother was also just diagnosed with breast cancer, in the early stage but he still wants to be home to help her.

Sara Wagner: Works for a small brewery in town and works with her brother selling drugs. She has a small set of clients, mostly just the potheads that come into the brewery. Recently, she was feeling depressed that her brother moved and she had just broken up with her boyfriend so she had started to use a little speed just to keep her going. She knew she was probably using too much but thought if she could just get through this rough patch, she’d be fine and wouldn’t need it.

Hilary Wagner: Veronica’s sister never married and has two grown children Oliver and Sara from different fathers. She is an elementary school teacher and lives alone now with a sense of hopelessness about her future and what she has accomplished with her life. She has breast cancer that thankfully was caught in the early stage but she feels vulnerable and scared. She also fears for her children as they seem aimless and she wants to do everything she can to get them on track. 

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