Characters – For the Love of Fashion

Caroline West is a 22-year-old single woman living in NYC. She has been living with her best friend, Jose, and they both work at Maxwell Fashions. They have a group of close-knit friends who have been together since high school. Caroline has been designing her own clothing since she was ten when her mother bought her a sewing machine. She does not have a boyfriend because she was hurt as a young girl and has shied away from the opposite sex ever since. She is tall, and a size eight so she lives with the stigma of people believing she is bulimic. She has a brother. Her parents were killed when the two of them were young. She has always wanted to attend the Fashion Institute and Technology College, but never had the ability to take the time off and apply. She has a fierce temper when she is pushed, but she is.

Elliott Maxwell is the grandson of the fashion magnet Margaret Maxwell. He is 31-years-old and has been living in Europe since going to Oxford for college. He has been in and out of relationships but refuses to settle down because he has seen what his stepmother has done to his dad. He is a sexy man, well over 6 feet, works out daily, and takes after the Italian side of his mother’s family and has olive skin and bright blue eyes. He has a stepbrother that is the polar opposite of him. His father dies, and his grandmother demands he comes home because the company is in danger and she feels that the stepmother is trying to sabotage it she needs him to help. Elliott has made a lot of money living in Europe and has never needed his family or their money, but he has a soft spot for his Grammy.