Characters – Exodus

An intelligent young woman. Taryn constantly has a recurring dream about shutting down the ship while a haunting melody plays. When she starts hearing it in her waking life, she begins to obsess over its source and soon worries that it may spell disaster for her and her fellow shipmates.

A ruthless young man. Beckham has always dreamed of greatness and sees this new Earth as an opportunity to create his own empire. When he finds out that Taryn also hears the music, he becomes obsessed with her and convinced that they are connected. The music slowly begins to turn him from a power-hungry bully to something much, much darker.

A brave young man. Pearce is one of Beckham’s lackeys. He’s very street smart and figured getting on Beckham’s good side was the best way to survive the voyage to keep from getting thrown back on the streets when they reach their new home. However, he has a good heart and would never do anything to hurt anyone.

Captain Aaron-
The captain of the ship. Captain Aaron is a military man. He is a mechanical genius despite his relatively young age and an excellent captain. Although he is comfortable talking and joking with the other crew members and passengers, he is extremely disciplined and a natural leader.

Beckham’s right hand man. Richmond is practically attached to Beckham’s hip. He is a large young man with a ruthless side that Beckham values greatly.

A beautiful young woman. Ellis is sweet and model beautiful. She is the object of Pearce’s affection, but barely knows he is alive.

Ellis’ best friend. Cassidy is another beauty, but a bit less oblivious than Ellis. The two are rarely apart.


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