Characters – Down in the Dark Woods

Nathan Clood –

A fairly successful writer who lives with a German Shepard called Dax in a rented home on the edge of some woodland. Although fairly skeptical by nature, Clood believes in what he can see, usually a loner he has few friends. Physically he is unremarkable, average height, build and physique, brown eyes and black hair. Clean shaven and sporting no jewelry, neither has he had any tattoos applied.


A Wood Nymph who meets up with Clood and begs him for assistance in returning her to her people. Slightly built and almost as pale as an albino her eyes are about the only colored feature about her. Trewana is old, however, as old as the tree which she lived with and is out of touch with time, leading to some amusing cultural confusion.


A foul mouthed, Irish pixie who associates with Trewana. She is plain speaking and often crude which puts Trewana’s nose out of joint as she is the opposite. She has wings and stands only around twelve inches high, enabling her to land on Crood’s shoulder to argue and bicker into his ear. She and Crood have a love/hate relationship and love nothing more than having a loud debate about anything.


Self-appointed leader of the Fire Sprites, he is powerful and evil. Years of being subdued by the Wood Nymphs and Dryads have twisted Brackaden’s mind to such a point he can only think of vengeance. Has a hatred for humans due to their abilities to harness fire and therefore control him to an extent, he feels a rage towards Crood for being allowed into his dimension. His red eyes burn from within, demonstrating his affiliation with flame.


A Chaos Demon who offers Brackaden the power and might of the Chaos Demons. Hazy and indistinct, as all Chaos Demons are, Blod seems to have his own agenda and is only affiliated with the Fire Sprites as a means to an end. Chaos Demons are formed of the pure hatred, poison and pollution humans have pumped into our world and only seem to exist in order to destroy anything and everything they touch.


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