Characters – The Curse of the Seven Pyramids

Kristi Taylor-
An attractive third grade teacher in a boring, mid-western town, Kristi finds romance and adventure vicariously through movies. Until she finds herself trapped in one.

Geoffrey Rushton-
The impatient, handsome leader of the archeology expedition, Geoff’s dark gray eyes have wreaked havoc on more than one feminine heart, but the only thing he is passionate about is the history buried beneath the Egyptian sand.

Edmund Black-
Geoff’s kindly young cousin, Edmund tries to keep the camp running peacefully and smoothly. But when a fresh dead body shows up outside of the camp one morning, he’s afraid he is losing control.

Alan Wright-
The dark, brooding expedition photographer, Alan keeps to himself, avoiding the other members of the expedition.

Edith Davis-
A pretty archeology student who has come to spend the season training with them, Edith has fallen hard for Geoff, and regards Kristi suspiciously.

Lilian Parker-
The expedition’s artist, Lilian is the character whose place Kristi has taken.

Aziah Hakimi-
Their quiet, mysterious cook, Aziah has secrets of her own.


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