Characters – Control Alt Corruption

Darrel Flint:
The main protagonist of the story. Seventeen-year old Flint is a king young man in his senior year of high school. In public he tends to be shy in large groups, much of an introvert. In the game, he takes on the persona of his character, Atlas Grey, who is outgoing, and a leader.

Gauntlet of the Under Realm:
A sentient armor worn by Atlas Grey in the game. It houses an evil spirit that influences the week of mind, and tries to take over its host. The spirit of the armor has a lust for destruction.

Ryley Flint:
Darrel’s kid brother who also plays the online game after school. While in the real world he is athletic, he lacks the intellect his brother has, causing him to struggle in the game. He prefers the older crowd, tagging along with Darrel and his group of friends. His character’s name is Damien Dark.

Alex Jones:
One of Darrel’s in-game friends. He is feminine and rather flamboyant young man who attends the same high school as the others, but normally does hang out with them in the real world. In the game he plays the female character Sophie Sweets. She is a sorceress that likes to flirt with men. It appears that he has a crush on Darrel.

Eric Winters:
Darrel’s best friend since preschool that lives just across the street from his house. Both started playing the game together since they started high school. Eric is considered a quite giant, towering and strong, yet kindhearted and hates conflict. These traits are shared by his character Body Berserker. He also has a bit of trouble talking to girls.

Aria Cain:
Also a friend of Darrel and Eric for many years, meeting the pair in middle school. They introduced her to the online game, and got her hooked after the first play. At first she appears to like to be independent, she actually prefers to have someone to rely on. Her character is an archer that goes by the name Zale.

The final boss in the game, and the main antagonist in the story. He is a three-faced titan that controls a vast army of undead. He himself is an undead behemoth that can cast dark magic and even have his soul jump into others. The goal of this monster is destruction, to fill the world with undead so that he may rule.

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