Characters – Contract of the Dark

Vance De Phial:
He is founder and CEO of the Phoenix Corporation.  Though young, he is wise beyond his years and a shrewd business man.  To ensure that his dreams are realized, he has made a contract with the karayan known as Mr. Red.

Mr. Red:
Known as a ‘Dark One,’ or a karayan.  In his appearance he would easily be considered a demon.  Among his kind, he is prideful and considered an elite.  Beneath his suit lies a series of snarling mouths that can consume any substance.  His ability, codenamed ‘Monster Hive,’ allows the very same mouths to spawn eggs that can hatch into grotesque, insect-like beasts.

Raphael Fantassa:
Rival CEO of Vance and owner of his own business that specializes in biological weapons research.  He and Vance were once partners at their previous employer before it went under.  Due to being a scientist at heart, Raphael is often cold and calculated, analyzing every possible step through.

Considered one of the most dangerous of karayans.  His ability ‘Nightmare Fuel’ grants him the power to bring any person’s nightmare to life.  He has a childlike mind but is a sadistic and ruthless killer.  It is unknown why, but he has taken a contract with Raphael Fantassa.

L Strider:  
A mysterious karayan that does not appear to have a contract with a human.  Wise and collected, he never allows his emotions to get to him.  He has the ability that allows him to change the shape of non-biological matter, so long as it is not in the light.

Arron Fellmind: 
Another karayan that does not hold a contract with a human.  He works alongside L Strider for a purpose, though what that is remains a mystery.  Unlike L, Arron is emotionally driven and has somewhat of a temper.  His karayan ability allows him to create a pulse that can disrupt energy on an atomic level.  Generally, he uses the ability to stop people’s hearts.

The third member of the mysterious trio of karayans.  She tends to act childish even when faced with a great threat.  Her power allows her to be a living weapons factory, allowing all sorts of weaponry to mold from her own body.

Ms. D:
Raphael’s assistant.  She is very methodical and usually picks up after her mad scientist boss. 

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