Characters – BriarLeigh

Charles Silver

When Charles’ mother was pregnant with him, a bat bit her. Only the fetus was infected: born with a rare and acute form of the blood disorder akin to Porphyria, he developed some of the characteristics of vampirism:  receding gum lines, prominent canine teeth, sensitivity to light, a garlic allergy, and a growing thirst for blood. As a baby, he had to have blood transfusions; as a child, he began to eat raw meat; by thirteen, he began to kill small animals and drain their blood. He learned to hide. his disease and only feed at night.

Elaina Martin

Charles met a beautiful young girl who made him take risks that would put both their lives in jeopardy.  At age fifteen Elaina was beautiful, with long black hair, shining green eyes, lips as red as a rose. She had a heart of gold and everyone loved her. Elaina met Charles when the family moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Charles showed her a different world though she never noticed how different he himself was or that the other townspeople tended to stay away from him. Yet no matter what anyone told her, she was drawn to him, and he was to her the same way. They quickly fell in love and one thing led to another and before long she was pregnant.

Elaina’s child was Elizabeth, whom she left in Charles’ care.  She went on to marry Christopher Martin. The marriage was only to feed her and entertain her.  He was a prisoner in his own home because of her fear that he would leak her secret and she would be hunted and killed.

Rose Silver

Charles married Rose, a gold digger who grew up poor.   Instead of working hard and putting in the effort to achieve her goals/dreams she played off her looks and married the first available rich man—Charles.  Though he had enough money to keep Rose more than happy, he was never around, nor did Rose have any children of her own and felt Charles’s daughter Elizabeth was too strange and secretive to ever be anyone close to a daughter. So Rose kept to herself busy by redecorating their house over and over again and staying as out of the way as much possible, not wanting to fall from grace.

Elizabeth Silver Sapphire

As the daughter of Charles, she was afflicted by vampirism, which she passed on to her own daughter, Briarleigh.  As beautiful as her mother, Elizabeth grew up alone homeschooled by tutors paid by her father to teach her how to hide the family secret from prying eyes. She went to cosmetology school when she turned eighteen so she could practice being around other humans.  Later, she married Nathan Sapphire and became pregnant with Briarleigh.  After Briarleigh’s birth, Elizabeth volunteered for several charities when she wasn’t home raising their beautiful baby daughter, the two-month-old Briarleigh.

Dominic Sapphire 

Elizabeth’s father-in-law, had everything he could possibly want and knew he had always known he would get to keep it as long as he followed the rules of the game: get good grades, play sports, stick to well-bred kids of his own social standing and never ever draw negative attention. As a young boy, the first few years of junior high were great:  he was a perfect child often praised for his excellence in and out of class, but as most boys will find there is always that one girl who can change everything with just one glance. Victoria Diamond was a lot like Dominic when it came to social standing but when it came to everything else they would seem to be complete opposites. Victoria led the life Dominic had always dreamed about: when he sat quietly, she was the first to argue back against every rule and person sent to keep her in line. Dominic quickly fell in love and before too long they were married.

Victoria Sapphire (Diamond)

Not blessed with book smarts, Victoria had no problems running the streets and everyone on them. If not for the fact that she flaunted her money, you would never guess she came from one of the wealthiest families in New York. She threw the best parties, wore the latest clothes and no one could keep up with her ever changing life… until she met Dominic Sapphire. He taught her that sometimes you need to slow down to really see the beauty in life. She taught him to take risk and chances, and that sometimes you had to make mistakes to see life’s bigger picture.  Before long, they were married, and the biggest secret of all was being kept from her new husband. Victoria was pregnant with a son, Nathan.

Nathan Sapphire

Nathan is a smart and witty man with lots of money and a big heart. As a child his mother spoiled him.  She also taught him that even with everything in the world at his fingertips, the best thing he could give to people is love and kindness and that is what he did. While still in his youth he would often give to someone in need.  He donated all his old toys and books and at Christmas, he would give to the poor children. As he got older he donated his time tutoring those who needed help.  After high school, he went away to law school with a plan to help all… not only those who could afford his services.  When he met Elizabeth he knew that she too was generous and sincerely cared about those who were less fortunate.  They married and had a child.  

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