Characters-Angels and Demons

Lucifer-Fallen archangel cast out of Heaven by God

Raphael – Lucifer’s second in command has the power to read minds. His job is to make sure everyone in Lucifer’s circle is loyal and trustworthy.

Abaddon – Third in command and a demon of death and destruction who feeds off the chaos in the world

Apollyon – He collects souls for the dark side and makes good people go bad

Asmodeus – A demon so in love with Lucifer he’d do anything to please him

Belial – A demon of deception who is more beautiful than words can describe

Gusion – With the power to see the past present and future, he can show Lucifer the right way to go and the outcome of his choices.

Lillth – Kidnaps children for Lucifer

Wormwood – Creates and spreads plagues killing millions at a time

Jayde – A lawyer Lucifer has taken an interest in

Salem – Lucifer’s human secretary

Chris – Lucifer’s human best friend


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