Characters – Abandon Ship

Captain Arnold
The captain of the space ship. The one who has to make the hard decisions about who lives and who dies. The fate of the story lies in his—or rather the reader’s—hands.

Joseph Malone
The captain’s long-time friend that could turn out to be his best ally or worst enemy. Depending on whether he can make it out of the second episode alive.

Sergeant Miller
Your average dead lunch buddy.

The ship’s doctor
One of those goody two-shoes guys. Saving people and the like, you know the type.

Corporal Jackson
The one remaining assistant engineer. In a story where people are dropping left and right, the last thing you want to be is the last remaining anything.

Aye! The sinking ship she is.

Lieutenant Nelson
Career Marine. Oorah! ‘nuff said.

Red shirt crewman
What space disaster would be complete without a few red shirts for cannon fodder.


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