Changeling’s Choice by Rachael Ashdown

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In the previous episode…The company entered the domain of the trolls, but upon hearing the Troll Princes from down the hall, Soren began questioning if this was a good plan. As the readers suggested, the Princes will sneak up on the group and try to get them to play a game.

Episode 19

“Look ‘ere Pavel. Guests!”

“I see ‘em, Pal. What do you think Poul?”

“I think they should join us for a game.”

There was a cackling laugh as the tallest of the Trolls stood firmly in the center of the path, blocking Soren and the company from continuing farther. The other two sneered wickedly from a corridor off the main hall, licking their teeth.

“Come now, you three. We are just simple travelers seeking leave from your father to travel his lands. We are weary. We would not be any fun in your games.

“Oh-ho!” the one that Soren thought was Pavel said as he clapped his large hands together gleefully. “You think you can get out of a game that easy? We know who you are, water sprite. Da will not be pleased to see you! But play a game with us, and we will ‘elp you.”

“Yes, play a game!” Pal said gleefully. “What shall we play, Poul?”

“I think we should throw them in the well and see if they can climb out!” Poul responded with a snort of laughter, grabbing a hold of Linnea. Soren felt a large hand grab his arm as Pal grabbed him, Pavel attempting to grab Aksel, but missing as the water spirit seemed to instantly jump several feet to the right.

“No fair! You can’t use magic on us!”

“Yeah, no magic!”


The hall shook as the thundering voice echoed all around them. Immediately the three Princes squealed and ran, leaving behind their attempted playmates as they disappeared down the side corridor. The sudden loss of support from the hand made Linnea stumble, only barely catching herself on the side of the tunnel as a shower of dirt covered her once more.

“What was that?” Soren asked, eyes wide as he looked around warily.

“That was the King.” Aksel said softly. “Come. We must not keep him waiting any longer.”

They continued down the hall for some time, before a flickering light indicated an end to the tunnel, opening up into an enormous throne room, which was filled with trolls, elves, pixies, dwarves, and all sorts of other creatures Soren could not identify. The three elves that had come with them quickly bowed to the King and Queen, sitting up on their high thrones, before flitting away to join their sisters.

Soren followed Aksel hesitantly as the spirit approached the royal Trolls, bowing elegantly.

“Aksel, you are bold to come into my halls,” the King thundered, making Soren wince. Unconsciously, he attempted to hide behind the tall spirit.

“My sincerest apologies, Your Eminence, but I come purely on a mission of goodwill. I have come to escort these young travelers.” He stepped quickly out of the way, leaving Soren in full view of the King and Queen. He swallowed nervously. Opening his mouth, no words came out. Now that he was here, in the Troll Kingdom, he had no idea what to say. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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