BriarLeigh Episodes 1-15



As she took the small mouse corpse from the crib, she heard a growl—like that of an angry cat.  Then a scream spiraled from the crib, higher and higher, until she felt it, not in her ears, but in a pain at the center of her forehead.

She stopped at the toilet.   She dropped the mouse, flushed the toilet, slammed down the lid, and sighed.  What can I say to Nathan? I knew this would happen.  But it’s so soon.  Daddy and I didn’t start to kill wildlife until we were teenagers.  And the baby’s strength and speed—she caught it and tore off its head!  And she knew just what to do.

My BriarLeigh…and then she thought, for hours:  “I lost Nathan!” After talking to her father, Elizabeth learned that with each new generation in her family the vampire genes seem to get stronger faster.  With this information she realized she was going to have to work twice as hard to keep Briarleigh’s condition from Nathan. Maybe the best way to keep him safe would be to leave till Briarleigh was old enough to control her urge to feed on everything in sight.

After writing a letter to Nathan explaining why she and Briarleigh couldn’t stay, she then threw it in the trash. She packed a bag, picked up Briarleigh and drove away. Not knowing where to go or even how they would survive she decided to call her father and tell him her plan in hopes he could answer some of her questions. While on the phone, her father told her of the cabin he had taken her to when she was a child. After getting directions from him, she packed up the baby and stopped for gas.  Then they were out of town and on their way.

After what seemed like forever they arrived in front of a small hidden cabin. It looked like it had been completely forgotten out in the middle of nowhere. Elizabeth knew it would take hours of cleaning before she would be able to rest. She started with the front doorway which was so covered in cob webs they looked like little wisps of hairs. Once she finished, she opened the door and stepped inside. As horrible as the outside looked the inside was spotless.  Someone had definitely been taking care of it. But who? 

Again not knowing who else to call she picked up the phone and waited for her father to answer. After talking for about ten minutes Charles explained that once a month he sends a cleaning lady to check on the cabin and clean it. Keeping it ready for any kind of emergency. Now that she knew what to expect she unpacked her bag. Put Briarleigh down for a nap and went again to write a letter explaining to Nathan where she and Briarleigh were.


Elizabeth sent a letter to Nathan telling him about the blood disorder that runs in her family. Not sure how he would respond, she waited.

As soon as Nathan was handed the letter his stomach sunk with a sudden urge to vomit.  He went to his study and shut the door to read what was written.  After hours of staring at the letter trying to make sense of what was written, Nathan’s eyes had finally grown tired, and the words became nothing more than a blur. She had to be crazy or lying about blood disorders and vampires. Vampires weren’t real.  They were fictional characters put into dramatic movies to scare little kids. In the end he decided to call his mother to get her opinion.

Meanwhile back at the cabin Elizabeth had gone outside for only a minute and came in to find BriarLeigh had gotten a hold of a bird and ripped its head clean off. Not only were the vampire genes getting stronger faster, but so was BriarLeigh.  A day in her life was like a year for any other child.  After cleaning up the blood and redressing BriarLeigh, Elizabeth decided it was time to teach BriarLeigh to hunt.

Nathan had just gotten off the phone with his mother who told him that Elizabeth wasn’t lying, and that there really was a blood disorder called porphyria that changed humans into vampires. So he logged onto his computer and looked it up and this is what he found:

Cutaneous Porphyria- A disease of the liver that leads to a buildup of heme in the blood. Heme can donate electrons and carry gases in the blood stream and contains iron. When it builds up it leads to the symptoms of this disease because the iron becomes toxic. The “porphyria” in the disease name comes from a part of the heme molecules called porphyin that surrounds the heme molecule. The most obvious symptom is large blisters on the skin resulting from exposure to the sun which is why it has become known as the vampire disease. There are treatments but no cures.

After reading all this he decided to consult his doctor and see if there was anything he could do to help his wife and daughter.  Nathan called and set up an appointment for the next day.  He knew his only chance of contacting Elizabeth was through her father so he sent him a text and asked him to tell Elizabeth he was looking for a cure, and that he wouldn’t rest till he found one.

BriarLeigh had just caught her first deer and was waiting for her mother’s approval.  Out of nowhere, a little boy about two years older than BriarLeigh appeared.  All he had to say was “Hi, I’m Eric” and BriarLeigh was mesmerized.

As her mother stepped up beside her Eric turned and walked away knowing it was best not to say anything.  BriarLeigh and her mother headed back to the cabin.


BriarLeigh traveled in and out of the forest with her mother month after month for training and hunting, always stopping to see if Eric was in sight but he never was.

After what seemed like years it happened.  BriarLeigh was out in the woods practicing kicks on an old oak tree when she heard something moving the leaves that covered the ground.   She looked up just in time to see Eric hurrying by.  She called out to him, but when he didn’t respond she decided to follow him.

Eric had stepped out long enough to collect more wood for him and his dad as the nights were getting colder and colder.  Out of habit, he found himself walking down the very same path he had months before with only one thought on his mind, BriarLeigh.

He wanted to see her just to make sure she was all right and that her training was still going well.  He thought he could stay out of sight, but forgetting about time he ended up rushing to get home, only to be spotted by the one girl he hoped wouldn’t see him.

BriarLeigh had now followed Eric back to his house thinking Eric had not seen her.  She hid behind a nearby tree and watched him enter. Eric knew she was there.  He proceeded to put the wood down and walk out the back door staying out of site.  He crept up behind her and spun her around.

BriarLeigh jumped high into the air screaming, to be caught by none other than Eric himself and put gently on the ground. He then told her of the dangers in the wood and why she should never wonder off on her own.  Being almost ten now BriarLeigh didn’t think there was anything in the woods as dangerous as her until Eric told her of the werewolves that lived in the forest that knew she was a vampire and would do anything to get her alone long enough to rip out her heart.

As they talked Eric walked BriarLeigh back to her cabin, leaving out the fact that his father was a werewolf and soon he would be too.  Eric left BriarLeigh to continue her training.  Knowing he must never see her again he went home to pack.


Eric gets home and waits for his father to fall asleep.  Then he heads to the train station. He gets off in the middle of a rundown town, surprised it’s still on the map. After finding an old hotel and checking in, he falls fast asleep.

Meanwhile Elizabeth received a letter from Nathan through her dad asking to come for a visit. She replied, agreeing and the next day he arrived. It’s as if nothing has changed. Nathan ran up and kissed Briarleigh in awe at how she had grown, and then he embraced his wife, as if no time had passed.

They sat in the cabin talking for hours about the vampire gene and if there was anything that Nathan could do. They played games.  Briarleigh showed him all the kicks and punches she had learned, and told him about herself control when it came to blood. She was so eager to please her dad that she forgot all about Eric and the fact that he had left.

By the end of the night all Nathan could think about was bringing his girls home with him. Now that there were no secrets between them, Elizabeth thought maybe they could finally return to their normal lives, but Briarleigh was not sure it was time to go home. Later Nathan returned home alone to give Elizabeth time to talk to Briarleigh about moving back home.

Briarleigh was reluctant at first, knowing if she agrees she will never get the chance to see Eric again, but more than that she really just wants her mom and dad to be together and happy.


Elizabeth woke early the next morning.  She had decided the night before to not only go home that day, but to have her father be the one to take them. She didn’t wake BriarLeigh because she felt the need for some alone time to clear her head and get ready for what was to come.  She decided to go for a walk in the woods. Little did she know BriarLeigh was already awake and she had been all night.

 Nathan sat quietly in his study with the same drink he had had all night. He hope that Elizabeth and BriarLeigh would accept his request and come home.  Though he was unsure how it would all play out he knew he wanted his girls’ home.

BriarLeigh waited quietly in her room till she heard her mother leave then she got up and dressed and left on her own knowing she had to tell Eric goodbye.

Elizabeth wandered around in the woods just thinking about life before they left and imagining how it would be when they returned Briarleigh’s room would have to be redone now that she was no longer a baby. Maybe she would just redo the whole house so that it would all be a fresh start. No matter what she knew she couldn’t put it off much longer and that it was time to call her dad to come to pick them up.

Charles answered on the first ring knowing that she would be the one calling.  Though he wasn’t sure it was right for Elizabeth and BriarLeigh to return home, he knew he must support her decision. After agreeing to pick them up in an hour, he hung up and called Nathan.

BriarLeigh had just made it to Eric’s when she saw his dad outside with a bunch of cops.  Knowing that something was wrong and needing to know what, she crept closer to listen to what was being said. But, the words “ERIC’S MISSING!!” made her rethink ever coming home. How could she possibly go back home when the boy she loved was gone. She turned and ran back knowing she couldn’t face this on her own.

Nathan had just gotten off the phone with Charles and learned that his girls were finally going to be coming home when he remembered that he had told all the maids they could take the month off. He knew his wife would not be happy coming home to a mess, so he got his contact list and called everyone in.

Elizabeth was just about to turn to go inside when BriarLeigh ran up to her crying uncontrollably about Eric. After getting her to calm down so she could hear the whole story, Elizabeth finally understood enough to take action. She asked BriarLeigh to take her to Eric’s house so she could talk to his dad. Not really sure it was a good idea, BriarLeigh agreed and they left.

By the time they make it to Eric’s house, the cops had left and Eric’s dad was sitting alone on the porch. Elizabeth walked up, introduced herself, and explained that she knew Eric. After talking to Eric’s dad she learned that Eric wasn’t missing, he had left. Though not much better than missing at least they knew he wasn’t in danger. After saying goodbye, Elizabeth and BriarLeigh headed back to the cabin to wait for Charles.

Charles pulled up to the cabin and helped BriarLeigh and Elizabeth load their things. Halfway to the house he noticed that something was bothering BriarLeigh. She finally told him about Eric leaving, and he promised to look into.

They finally made it home, greeted by everyone in the house. Elizabeth was so happy to be back she can’t help but cry, and BriarLeigh not remembering asks where her room was, and left her parents to get settled, still upset about Eric. 


Briarleigh’s room was pink with a touch of purple and everything in it screamed princess. It was obvious her dad didn’t know much about her since her favorite color was blue and she was most definitely not the princess type at all. BriarLeigh much preferred sleeping under the stars, climbing trees and beating up anyone who tried to mess with her or her mother. After all she was a killer and a very good one now that she had had proper training.

Meanwhile downstairs Elizabeth and Nathan had finished saying hello.  Elizabeth had begun making note of changes that needed to be made around the house and in staffing. Nathan, on the other hand, decided to give her space and left to tend to business in his study.

Charles had just made it home and started packing when he got the first “unknown” call on his phone.  He answered but got no response in return.  Annoyed, he hung up.

BriarLeigh was wondering if her grandfather would stay true to his word about finding Eric. Part of her wanted to know why he had left.  The other part was afraid she was the reason. What if he had seen her drinking from animals in the wood??? Would that have been enough to get him to leave home without his father?? She fell asleep with these same questions in her mind. 

Charles learned from his source that Eric had gotten on the train with no destination in mind. So after going to the train station and talking to the conductor he learned Eric got off on the last stop three nights ago. Charles then bought a ticket and followed Eric’s footsteps exactly. He rode for what seemed like hours.  Finally they reached the destination, and he got off. After checking into a hotel he climbed quickly into bed and fell asleep.


Charles woke early the next morning, hoping to find Eric quickly and go home. To his surprise he didn’t find him till late that night, and what he saw made it clear what he must do, for Eric was a werewolf and that’s how he had known about Briarleigh.

Charles had wandered around all the little shops and construction sites that day hoping to spot Eric at work so that he could question him and leave knowing that his daughter and granddaughter were safe along with their secret. But to his surprise he hadn’t seen him at all that day. Not at the bookstore where he had explored every aisle for an hour each, biding time in case he worked a later shift.  But nothing. Then he had made his way to the market to buy lunch thinking again he might see Eric as a bag boy or cashier or maybe even as someone there also buying lunch but again no. So off to the train station he went to talk to the conductor and make sure this was the right town.

            The conductor assured him he was in the right place and that maybe Eric had gone off on one of the trails that led into the woods where lots of kids found it fun to hangout and explore. So Charles went off not really expecting to find anything or anyone because of the lateness of the hour, but he simply thought maybe the walk would help clear his mind.

            To his surprise, he got all of his answers rather quickly.  As he was walking down the first hill and around a turn, he saw him but just a glimpse since Eric was running as if scared of something or someone. So Charles followed him, thinking he might be able to help.  But what he saw was more than he had ever thought possible.

            Right in the center of the forest Eric froze and looked around.  Not seeing anyone, he undressed and then right as the moon came overhead, it happened first with his teeth. They got longer and sharper and thinner and at that moment Charles thought maybe Eric was a vampire as well.  But then the longer they stood there the more Eric changed. His nails grew long and sharp and you could hear the breaking of his bones as he transformed into the most unthinkable creature of the night, a werewolf.


Charles turned and ran as fast as he could back towards town. When he got there he quickly wrote a note reading “I know what you are”, gave it to the inn keeper with instructions to give it to Eric and left.

Now knowing what he was he understood exactly why Eric had left when he did. Next he must warn the others and come up with a way to defeat Eric before he killed one of them or worse, an innocent bystander. He got back on the train and headed for home hoping he would get there in time to rest before he explained to the coven what he had discovered.


       Elizabeth had gone up to check on Briarleigh many hours ago but felt that something still wasn’t right with her daughter. Briarleigh was very distant and refused to come out of her room except for dinner. When Elizabeth had walked in she caught Briarleigh out on the roof in the cold looking at the moon. After promising that she would stay inside from now on, Elizabeth had left her to rest and gone downstairs to call her father who hadn’t answered.

       After taking the time on the train to process what had happened that night, Charles returned home and after a few hours of rest called Tyler Zachary, leader of the coven, to tell him about the werewolf and where he had seen him. Upon learning this Tyler went to find Eric’s dad to see if he too was a creature of the moon.


       After many weeks of following Eric’s dad around waiting for a full moon or, any sign that he was a werewolf. Tyler was finally one hundred percent sure Eric’s dad was definitely not involved in his sons werewolf activities. Afraid for the coven Tyler went home to tell Charles of his discovery and to put together a search party to find Eric.

Instead, Charles decided to leave on his own to find and kill Eric.

       Briarleigh had overheard her grandfather talking to his friend Tyler. She now knew that Eric was a werewolf and that werewolves killed vampires. What she didn’t know was that her grandfather had every intention of killing Eric first. Wanting badly to tell Eric how she felt about him she decided to follow her grandfather.

       Instead of taking the train Charles decided to drive himself. After loading his bags he went back inside to pack a sandwich knowing the drive was rather long. This is when Briarleigh snuck out and hid in the very back of her grandfather’s SUV. Upon hearing the driver door close Briarleigh, having brought along her pillow and blanket, laid down and fell asleep.

       It was nearly five in the morning when Charles finally pulled into town. He went yet again to the only motel and checked in. Had he known the surprise waiting for him when he went to get his bags, he might have thought twice about taking the last and smallest room available.


Charles opened the trunk to get his bags and found Briarleigh curled up in a ball fast asleep. Deciding not to wake her up, he gently lifted her up and carried her to his room.  Laying her down on the only bed, he covered her up and returned to the car to collect his luggage.

            About three hours later, Briarleigh awoke to the sunlight streaming through the window. She sat up and looked around. Not seeing her grandfather anywhere, she got up and went to the table. Finding breakfast and a note, she sat down to eat while she read.

                                     Be back in one hour, hope the food is good.

                                                                                    Love, grandpa

            After breakfast, while waiting for her grandfather, Briarleigh decided to take a shower.  She figured it would help her clear her head, put into words how she felt about Eric and why she must protect him. That way, she could explain it to her grandfather when he got back. But after a half hour, she still had no clue how to explain what was in her heart. She was just about to leave and try to find Eric on her own when the door knob turned and in walked Charles.

After an hour lecture about the dangers of sneaking out and following him, her grandfather finally stopped talking long enough for Briarleigh to apologize. He then decided it was time for Briarleigh to learn the truth about Eric and what werewolves could and would do to vampires.

            He told her that werewolves and vampires went back for generations, vampires being more common than werewolves because werewolves were created to hunt vampires. That being said, they only transform when in close range of a vampire coven. It takes at least ten vampires in a vampire coven to trigger the werewolf gene in a single being. Once this happens, the werewolf tracks and kills all vampires in the coven. Then the werewolf will once again stop changing. If by chance, though, the werewolf is killed before he can kill all the vampires, the next person in line will change and hopefully succeed.

            After hearing all this Briarleigh, took some time to think, but in the end still came to the same conclusion. Even though werewolves and vampires were normally enemies, it didn’t mean things couldn’t change. She was convinced that if only she could talk to Eric they could come to an agreement. But her grandfather refused to listen for fear they would all be dead soon.


Knowing she could never get her grandfather to agree with her, Briarleigh pretended to believe that Charles was right so that he would let her go with him to find Eric. To her surprise it worked, and after agreeing to do exactly what he said, Briarleigh left with her grandfather to hunt the love of her life.

They were following the trail in the woods when Briarleigh felt something inside her scream that Eric was near. It was so strong she felt like she would fall over at any moment and then there he was, standing in front of her staring as if he couldn’t believe she was there. Then, as if out of thin air, a silver bullet hit him in the shoulder above his heart and he collapsed. After what felt like a century Briarleigh finally lifted her eyes off Eric long enough to see her Grandfather standing a few inches away from them holding a gun.

In an instant, Charles had seen the lust and desire in his granddaughter’s eyes for the monster and knew Eric must die, though not before Charles questioned him to find out where the others were hiding.

Seeing the devastation on his granddaughter’s face at what he had done, he decided to tie up and load Eric on his own as not to add pain to Briarleigh’s heart.  But as he reached to pick Eric’s body off the ground BriarLeigh stepped in front of him and growled, showing her fangs. Though not scared of her, but more out of respect for her, he let her help him up and they quietly walked back to the truck. Once everyone was loaded, Charles drove them back to the hotel and let Briarleigh carry Eric inside, then quickly dismissed her. When Briarleigh refused he dragged her out kicking and screaming and locked the door behind her.

After tying Eric to one of the chairs from the table in their room he pulled out the small bag he had brought with him. He quickly opened it revealing daggers made one hundred percent out of silver, and proved it by touching one to Eric’s skin.      

Charles pulled the dagger away, leaving behind a burn that went away as quickly as it came, while behind him Briarleigh watched through the window begging him with her eyes to stop.


After hours of being cut and burned with every silver blade Charles had, Eric had finally decided to talk, with BriarLeigh still listening from the window. He told Charles the history of his family. That his great, great, great grandfather Edwin had been the first to turn. Back then his grandfather hadn’t had any guide to explain the transition or why it happened, so he had written one that was passed from generation to generation. Only those who turned truly understood that it wasn’t just a legend but a day-to-day survival guide on how to stay alive. Eric also explained to Charles that only two others had changed since his great grandfather, his uncle Ryan and him. His uncle had died in the army a few months ago which had triggered Eric’s turning.

Charles listened to everything Eric had to say, including the fact that he had no intention of killing anyone, and that he had moved in hopes of getting away from all vampires so he didn’t have to change anymore. He explained how painful it was, and that werewolves actually changed six nights a month, three leading up to the full moon and three after the full moon.

The first couple of days were always the most painful but the last four were okay. He never knew exactly what time he was going to change so he always made sure he was deep in the woods by sunset. He also never remembered what he did while in wolf form so he was looking to move further out of town to make sure he never hurt anyone.

He also explained that he only felt a true longing to hunt vampires when in wolf form which is why he had left town as soon as he stumbled upon BriarLeigh and Elizabeth. Eric explained that he too felt the connection that BriarLeigh talked about when mentioning him, but he had thought it was just him sensing that she was a vampire.

At that Charles told him a secret he had never told anyone. BriarLeigh was a hybrid. Her mother Elizabeth had fallen in love with a werewolf before he had ever changed and together they had made the first hybrid accidentally but, not even Elizabeth knew what her daughter was. He explained that the connection they both felt was actually their werewolf DNA sensing each other. At hearing this BriarLeigh punched the window so hard it smashed and it was then that Charles realized she had heard


Charles should have known that she wouldn’t have gone far when he had the man she believed to be her love tied to a chair. So before she even had time to get all the way inside he had made up his mind tonight she would learn the truth… all of it and no more secrets.

BriarLeigh marched into the room right up to her grandfather and then froze. She didn’t know what to say or believe and nothing Charles said would change anything. If she wanted to know what really happened she would have to go to the one person who did know everything… her mother Elizabeth Sapphire.

Elizabeth had just sat down to watch the news when the call from her father came. He had once again opened his mouth letting out more family history and secrets… secrets Elizabeth had never wanted to keep.

It had been four years ago when they met. His name was Jonathan Black. He was new to town and very handsome. Elizabeth had first seen him in the market while out buying vegetables for her father’s birthday dinner. When their eyes met it was like a spark had hit her heart, she couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of him. He was perfect with dark black hair and bright blue eyes. He had a smile that could light up any room and all the ladies were stopping every couple of steps to glance back at him from afar. But, he had chosen her, Elizabeth to ask for directions to the Miller estate. He was in town visiting Max Miller the computer nerd as his mother had requested though he wasn’t sure why since his family hadn’t spoken to the Millers in years. He was just about to thank Elizabeth and leave when he had a better idea. He turned and quickly before losing his nerve asked her to get a drink with him. Elizabeth, knowing better but not caring, said yes and for the rest of the day and all that night they were inseparable. It happened down at the lake as the moon began to rise, they gave themselves to each other and in turn made BriarLeigh. When they were done they said goodnight and parted ways until two weeks later when Elizabeth discovered she was pregnant and Jonathan was a werewolf.

She waited another three weeks just to be sure then confessed everything to her father. After yelling and screaming and threatening to kill her unborn child he finally left driving away as fast as he could. Elizabeth too had left knowing Jonathan had a right to know he would soon be a father. What she hadn’t expected was that her father would follow her and kill him as soon as he saw them together.

Months went by with Elizabeth refusing to speak to her father, but then she met Nathan and something changed. He didn’t see an unmarried woman pregnant with another man’s baby. He saw the woman he knew he would marry. After months of spending every waking moment learning everything he could about her, he proposed. Elizabeth said yes and when Briarleigh was born he assumed the father role as if he truly was and no one, not even Charles Silver argued.

After explaining all of this to BriarLeigh, Elizabeth decided to take her to see the market and the lake where she and Jonathan had spent that day together. When they arrived they found Max Miller waiting, as if for them.


            Max didn’t waste any time with small talk as he quickly explained why he was there and how he knew they would be coming.

“You see,” he said, “it wasn’t too long ago when I was to meet Jonathan here to tell him what I have come to tell you. But your father took him from us before I had a chance and I knew one day you would come back for answers if I waited long enough. Now if you wish to know the whole truth, follow me.”

With that, Elizabeth and Briarleigh followed behind him all the way to his car. They got in without a word though they had no idea where they would end up and Max drove.

At first glance it looked as though they had stopped in the middle of nowhere, but if you looked just a little bit closer you would see the opening to what looked to be a tunnel. Max was the first to get out and without a word to Elizabeth and Briarleigh he started walking. After a moment they followed with a look of confusion on their faces.

As they reached the opening Max hesitated for a moment so the girls could catch up, then continued on as he explained that this is where werewolves go when the full moon comes out and they know they are going to change. They walked in silently taking in the wall decorations as their eyes adjusted to the darkness. Chains hung from the walls connected to shackles. Dried blood was everywhere and as you breathed in you felt as if you would suffocate from the dryness of the air. Just beyond all the chains and blood there was another wall covered in charcoal drawings. Like symbols used in earlier cultures these drawings told a story of the pain and agony a werewolf went through to change. After staring for what seemed like forever Max broke the silence by telling them who he was and why he knew Jonathan.

Max was the leader of the wolf pack in town. Therefore he was assigned to teach all the new werewolves what to expect when turning, where to go before turning and most importantly, why they even existed. He had the gift to sense when someone was getting ready to turn for the first time, which is why he was everyone’s choice for leader.

After explaining all this he explained about the drawings on the wall. Most werewolves went through the same thing when changing for the first time. But, some didn’t those that didn’t add their transformation to the wall for other new werewolves. This was also away to document the history of the wolf pack in case one day they ran across another pack. They would then be able to compare to see of all wolves were the same or not.

After explaining all this, he then went on to explain his involvement with Jonathan. Jonathan and Max’s families had been very close when Jonathan was growing up. When Max learned about his wolfism he also learned that later Jonathan would become one too. When Max had learned that Jonathan and Elizabeth had been romantically involved he had also know that Elizabeth was a vampire and that he had to tell Jonathan of his heritage. But, before he could Elizabeth’s dad had killed Jonathan and taken Elizabeth away. Max had tracked them for months after that hoping to get revenge but when he had finally found them Elizabeth was pregnant and even from her womb he could sense the part of Briarleigh that was like him. That he explained is why he had followed them to the lake that day he needed to take Briarleigh with him. He could sense she was close to changing and since she was the first ever Werewolf Vampire he wasn’t quiet sure what would happen.


At this, Elizabeth stepped in front of BriarLeigh blocking her from Max’s view. She then told him that she was the only person qualified to take care of BriarLeigh and that she would not let him take her. Instead of letting them fight on and on about who was taking her and where BriarLeigh stepped forward and told Max that she would go with him but only if her mother could go to. Max though not really thinking it was safe agreed and led them back to the shackles.

He explained that on the night of the full moon, BriarLeigh would have to be chained to the wall to make sure that she couldn’t hurt anyone including herself. He then told them that after the first full moon if everything went the way it was supposed to. BriarLeigh should be okay to leave with her mom as long as she promises to come back to the cave every full moon and chain herself up so he didn’t have to worry about her accidentally killing someone.

At that, BriarLeigh could not help but to start asking questions. So Max began to tell her what would happen when she transformed.

First, he said you will get very hot and your head will feel like it is going to explode. Then it will hurt so bad you will fall to your knees. As your teeth change you will feel your mouth open on its own and you will drool a lot. That will be the first step of you transformation. I wish I could say it was the worst part but it’s not. Your whole face will change your bones breaking to form new and longer parts. Then once you have the face of a killer your arms, legs, and ribs will break too all the while growing longer and forming back together.

By the time most first time wolfs make it through the change, they’ve past out from the pain and don’t wake back up till it’s over. Most don’t remember a lot if anything at all and after the first few times it starts to hurt a little less as your bones start to get used to it. No matter how old you get you will change every full moon for the rest of your life.

After hearing all of this BriarLeigh could no longer hold back her tears. She then asked about her father and if he had gone through the change. Sadly, he had died right before his first full moon.

Then having a few hours before the full moon, Max asked BriarLeigh to go on a walk with him. He told her he wanted to show her one of the places her father liked to visit. Elizabeth watched as they left scared that she was on the brink of losing her little girl.

Max and Briarleigh walked for what seemed like forever before finally reaching the edge of a forest. They kept walking further and further until they reached a stream and you could see millions of little fish swimming just below the surface. Max explained that sometimes when they were little their fathers would meet at the cave to talk and let the boys go off and explore. They would always come here to this stream and have contest to see who could catch the most fish with their bare hands. As it turns out Jonathan would always win. Simply Because Max hated the way the fish felt on his skin.

They spent another hour just talking before they left the stream to return to the cave. When they made it there, Max chained BriarLeigh to the wall and then himself. He told her to relax and not to fight it that if she did it would only take longer for her to transform. Then as the moon showed itself high in the sky and Max began to change, BriarLeigh didn’t. Her vampire genes were dominant and completely blocked her werewolf genes. As Elizabeth came in to check on BriarLeigh, she was hoping to find her already passed out so she didn’t have to watch her in pain. She found her standing next to Max staring at him completely mortified as she watched him go from her friend to a giant wolf. Elizabeth did the only thing she could and went to untie BriarLeigh from the wall before Max decided to kill her.

They walked quickly outside as Max laid down to rest. Max had set up a tent outside the door for Elizabeth to sleep in and that’s where they went now. Both of them fell asleep, awoken the next morning by a scared Max, who didn’t know that BriarLeigh had not changed. After calming him down, Elizabeth explained that BriarLeigh had not changed and she never would. At that, Max and Elizabeth agreed to go their separate ways and each promised not to hunt the other.

Right before BriarLeigh left to get in her mom’s car she stopped long enough to say goodbye to Max and to thank him for helping her learn more about her father. She promised to visit him and then he stood and watched them both drive away far into the distance.

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