For the Love of Fashion

dress75x99by Cara Riley – Caroline West begins her new job as the assistant to the assistant fashion buyer at a major clothing company. Can Caroline bounce back after her career takes a nose dive due to the negligence of an uncaring, disengaged man who ran her down without so much as an apology? Elliott Maxwell is busy saving his grandmother’s company from his scheming stepmother. Click here to read all episodes!

The Captain’s Captive

yacht75x99by Lyndsie Askea  – Trying to find herself, she never felt so lost. Waking up in a strange place is a nightmare, especially when you’re being held against your will. Now Aubrey Elliott must find her way home… wherever that is. Click here to read all episodes!

Survivor’s Trust

survivorstrust75x99by Ellen Seltz – “Smile when you’re scared. Laugh when you’re angry. Never tell what you’re really thinking. Cordelia Simms was always a quick study. Her brilliant mind and dysfunctional family prepared her perfectly for a career in the snakepit of an Old-South, old-money law firm, but she took a few detours along the way. Now the shameful secrets in her past put her future – and her child – at risk.”  Click here to read all episodes!

Loan Some Serials Collection… about the adventurous careers of Loan Some employees who are hired to be “friends” to people who don’t have any. 

Loan Some: Off-Off-Off Broadway  

Loan Some Off Off Off Broadway imageDetective Edition by Rachel K. Barclay – A comedic romp that follows aspiring actors as they take on undercover roles posing as friends, lovers, or family of clients who don’t have any. It’s a steady paycheck, but can these thespians keep their love of drama out of the workplace? Can Beth prevent casualties and still find Camilla before it’s too late after the Governor pulls out a knife? Click here to read all episodes!

Loan Some: Legally Bound

Loan Some Legally Bound imageby Olivia Batker Pritzker  – The series follows Jade, a former waitress and seasoned Loan Some employee who thinks she’s done it all – until the lawyer of a wealthy recluse charged with murder hires her to act as the man’s sympathetic fiancée throughout the trial. As Jade gets into the role, she becomes more and more wrapped up in the case and with the eccentric defendant, whom she’s not at all sure is innocent.  Click here to read all episodes!


Loan Some: The Original Serial, Season 8 

by Megan McLachlan – Vera works for a company called Loan Some, that Loan Some front pageloans out friends to the lonely and for other events.  Click here to read all episodes!

Loan Some is a serial story created by Serealities’ author, Megan McLachlan whose original serial is now published as a novella. Read how the story began… Loan Some: A Novella
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Loan Some: The Intern

unnamed-4by Libby Anderson – Lily Stone is an average young female with a need for something. That’s when she comes across an agency called Loan Some. There, she is paid to participate in various events and just be there for show. Maybe this is the change she secretly needs in her life. Or maybe not. At her time in the agency she is faced with romance, drama, and fear. She wants some change in her life, but maybe this will be too much for her to handle. Never know unless you try, right?  Click here to read all episodes!

Earth Bound

Earth Boundby John Zakour and Vanelle LeBlanc – Val, an alien woman from the planet Aqua comes to Earth on a fact finding mission to see if humans are worth making contact with.
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That Which Remains

unnamed-7by Olivia Batker Pritzker – The once prosperous, recently ruined factory town of Anchester Falls holds many secrets but they are well buried beneath the rubble of the town’s former glory.
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The Case of the Missing Case


by John Zakour – Zachary Nixon, the world’s last freelance PI, is back…The president of the world council comes to Zach as they need his help. The nuclear suitcase has gone missing. Even though the Earth is united they still keep the nuclear suit case and weapons because it was easier than destroying them. They need Zach to quietly track it down before whoever has it figures out how to use it!
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Dreamland-75x99-2by Olivia Batker-Pritzker – A young girl falls into a magically impenetrable sleep and embarks upon a series of adventures.

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House of Harwood – Tangled Beginnings

Harwood front pageby Olivia Batker Pritzker – Two generations ago, the lives of those who will go on to shape the legacy of the Harwood house are just beginning to unfold. What secrets have been buried in time?
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Read the sequel… House of Harwood: A Novella
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Loan Some

Loan Some front pageby Megan McLachlan – A former librarian checks out an adventurous career at Loan Some, a company that lends out “friends” to people who don’t have any.
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Read how the story began… Loan Some: A Novella
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Lies of Wolves


by Rachael Ashdown – To save her village, Karyna agrees to an arranged marriage to a famed Viking hero. The so-called hero, however, does not seem capable of such great deeds. After a warning from a mysterious figure, a meeting with a Valkyrie, and a clash with her future in-laws, Karyna’s fate seems sealed. But fate is funny, and the end of her road may not end as expected.
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Down in the Dark Woods


by Gavin Ough – Caught out in a violent storm, writer Nathan Clood finds the unconscious body of a young woman in the base of a tree. Who or what is she and how will it affect Nate?
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The Plight of Lavash

Lavash75x99by Gavin Ough – Twenty years after The Spaces in Between, Gremlaw and Huleta have married and are parents to a young woman named Neevis. Gremlaw teaches at the DeLarouge Academy, which takes young men and women from the streets and helps to hone their natural abilities.
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Read how Gremlaw’s story began… The Spaces in Between: A Novella
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rivertown75x99by Laura Lovic-Lindsay – In a story of unexpected twists and turns for the people of Rivertown, Mark is about to tell us how his quiet little town had secrets he has decided the world needs to know…
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The Curse of the Seven Pyramids

Curse 75x99by L. Hayden – When Kristi Taylor falls asleep while watching The Curse of the Seven Pyramids, she wakes up in early-twentieth century Egypt, the curse playing out around her. Can she find her way out of the film before it’s too late?
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Changeling’s Choice

changeling75x99by Rachael Ashdown – Soren is an unhappy prince. Convinced he is a Changeling, a faerie child raised by humans, he leaves home on a journey to find his “real” family. Together with only a dog and scullery maid as company, he faces all sorts of malevolent creatures as he searches for where he belongs.
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Control Alt Corruption

by J. F. Klyne – An innocent online game Kingdom becomes corrupted, infecting its players and wreaking havoc in the real world.
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Kiss Them Deadly

Kiss75x99by John Zakour – In 2033, a beautiful young assassin is sent to kill a hacker/informant… but she learns he may not be the enemy after all.
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Kitty McClarren

kitty-mcclarren75x99by Shamron Moore – A hot model, Kitty, has it all but she’s lonely…. things are about to change.
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Such Things as Dreams are Made on

Dreams75x99by E. Casebeer – As the afterlife is experienced in dream, who and what will emerge next?
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Duke Lethe and the Tangents

tangents2-75x99by Emily Ulrich – The story of the eponymous rock band as they try to make it in the big city.
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To Run from Molasses

molasses75x99by Laura Ifrailov – Hanson was offered 25,000 to marry Jemma and it doesn’t work out quite how he expected.
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Exodus-75x99by Sara Truett – Follow Taryn on her voyage to a new home planet and her mission to save humanity.
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The Ringer

ringer75x99by Alycia Lewis – A serial killer, bent on proving he can be the winner he never was, stops at nothing to get what he wants.
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zamorna75x99by Anne Marie DiStefano – When one man trades places with his own fantasy self, how will he survive?
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Ride Share

Ride75x99by Scott Ralph – A ride share for a college freshman can turn into a night of adventure….or romance…or terror—you control her fate.
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BriarLeigh75x99by Raelynn Sloan Hesh – BriarLeigh is born with a rare genetic blood disorder her mother tries to hide, while BriarLeigh starts to wonder if she just might be able to live a normal life.
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Vice Rob

ViceRob75x99by Johanna Hunt – An eager young cop on his first job in his hometown discovers a city he never knew.
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Moro75x99by Cleatus Glob – A man has joined a group that has shown him the power to edit any point in history. Using this power, he attempts to bring back his dead lover.
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Abandon Ship

abandon-ship75x99by Ryder S. Tory – During a planet exploration, something unknown escapes the confines of its quarantine and has spread.
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The Hapless Detectives

Dectective75x99by Becky Simpson – A young 18 year old wannabe detective encounters a real life crime on a university campus where his success in helping to solve the crime rests in the hands of the readers.
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