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3c377aSerealitiesLogo060216-Rbotmr-2 PHS framed“Writers can change the way people think simply by giving them a glimpse of life through their characters’ eyes.”
Lisa Cron, Wired for Story

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Is a one-of-a-kind fiction platform devoted to serial storytelling as a collaborative act between reader and writer. Our storytelling platform is an interactive web serial that offers users a unique reading experience by allowing them to vote on what happens next in each serial episode.

What Is An Interactive Web Serial and how does it work?

It’s a special genre of writing that cultivates a dynamic relationship between writer and reader(s). The writer begins the collaboration by creating a story premise with engaging characters and action. Each week, readers have a chance to change the progression of the story by voting on what happens next. Posted episodes have multiple choice options to vote on and/or to comment on what should happen in the next week.