The Captain’s Captive by Lyndsie Askea

The Captain’s Captive by Lyndsie Askea

Final Episode!

Trying to find herself, she never felt so lost. Waking up in a strange place is a nightmare, especially when you’re being held against your will. Now Aubrey Elliott must find her way home, wherever that is. Previously…Gabby knocked John overboard, but Miles and Aubrey are still at large. Can she find them and get her revenge before it’s too late?

Episode 20 – The End

After a grueling trip, Aubrey and Miles finally reached shore. Every moment since leaving the yacht, they were certain they had John’s crew on their heals. Some would have worried about the sea itself. In fairness, it had been rough going all the way, but they couldn’t escape the paranoia that accompanies escape. Little did they know, John had been cast overboard by his own sister.

It wasn’t until Aubrey’s feet stepped on land once again that she realized Miles and she had hardly exchanged a single word. With bare feet and hands clutching her shoes, she looked at Miles, evaluating his concerned countenance. She could scarcely believe what happened to herself, let alone what had happened to him in the years he was serving John. His face was a combination of the resolve of someone who knew what he was to do and the worry of someone who had carried a burden too long.

“Miles, what now?” Aubrey asked with concern.

“Now, we end this.” Miles had never been so certain of anything. He had to take John and Gabby down. He had lost everything and now they were going to pay.

After finding the road, they flagged down a passing car and found their way to the nearest police station.

Relaying the story, the detectives could scarcely believe what they heard, but after checking their record, they found the alias and records of John Smith, aka John Kelly. Kelly had been wanted for racketeering, suspected murder, and a slew of other offenses. Miles could have told them far more, but all he wanted was vindication for the offenses for which he was accused.


The coast guard located the Eloise more quickly than anticipated. Miles and Aubrey went along to help identify the guilty parties, though Aubrey had great misgivings. All she wanted was to go home. Seeing the Eloise and hearing the officers call out for John made the whole ordeal seem so much more real. However, John never appeared on the bow of the ship. Instead, Gabby appeared, her face cold. As she was arrested, her face was stony and without remorse. When asked about John, all she would say is that they would never find him. Several other charges were brought upon the other crew members, but no one was quite so sought after as John “Smith” Kelly. After extensive questioning, no one could quite tell who was the last to she the captain.


When the dust settled, Miles and Aubrey tried to resume normal lives, but neither could quite live the lives they led before. After a sincere attempt to leave each other and the Eloise behind, they realized that they needed each other. One contact lead to another, until finally they came to depend on each other more than anyone else before. They found in each other the comfort of knowing they would never have to see the captain or his crew again and a love that could only be born of heartache.


While Aubrey and Miles grew in love and security, Gabby spent her time in prison, awaiting sentencing.

“Gabby,” called out the prison guard “you have a visitor.”

Walking to the Plexiglas, a hooded figure grasped the phone on the other side.

“Hello sis, long time no see. We need to talk.”

Gabby fell to the floor, fear gripping her to her core.

He was back.

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