For the Love of Fashion by Cara Riley

For the Love of Fashion by Cara Riley

Can Caroline bounce back after her career takes a nose dive due to the negligence of an uncaring, disengaged man who ran her down without so much as an apology? Elliott Maxwell is busy saving his grandmother’s company from his scheming stepmother. He decides he needs a mole and thinks Caroline is perfect for the job. Previously… Elliott takes Caroline into her new job and introduces her to Kitty Maxwell. Kitty doesn’t recognize her since she has dyed her hair and is wearing glasses now. They have a tentative plan with Ted who is going to pretend to be a jilted fiancé sometime while Caroline is working.

Episode 15

Caroline sighed and leaned her head back against the headrest of her seat. Sighing, she closed her eyes and willed herself to relax. Elliott watched her and wished he could take away some of her anxiety. Giving her knee a squeeze, he told her, “I’ll take care of it, Caroline. I’ll get you help by the end of the week. I promise.”

Opening her eyes, Caroline placed her hand on his. Looking at him, she said, “I appreciate it, El. I really do. Don’t do it if it doesn’t work in your favor. I can handle a little hard work.”

“I know you can, Babe, but I didn’t think she’d work you to death either. Let’s just see what happens, okay?” Gathering up the last of the lunch trash, he said, “We better make our way back in.”

Caroline got out of the car and left before Elliott, just in case anyone was watching. She decided to stop for some tea before heading up and joined the line at the kiosk. She saw Elliott when he entered the courtyard and noticed that Ted came hurrying up to him with a worried expression on his face. They stood talking together for just a minute and then she watched as they both turned and stalked off towards the parking lot. Puzzled, Caroline wondered what had happened that would cause both men to leave in such a hurry.

“Excuse me, Ma’am? Can I help you?”

Startled, Caroline looked at the man behind the counter apparently waiting for her to say something. Oh, right. Tea. “I’m sorry. I’ll have….”

Stepping off the elevator minutes later, she was met by Kitty, who had her claws out. “Linny, what time did you leave for lunch?”

Caught off guard, Caroline stumbled, almost spilling her drink. Having a horrible case of déjà vu, she quickly placed her cup down before answering. “Uh, I’m sorry.” Looking at her watch, “I left exactly forty-three minutes ago. Is there something you needed me to do?”

Knowing she’d been bested, Kitty narrowed her eyes and pinched her lips, but that was all she could do without becoming openly hostile. However, Caroline knew she had not won any brownie points with her new boss and vowed to be more careful with her mouth in the future.

Towards the end of the day, after both women worked all afternoon getting ready for a new client meeting the following week, Caroline was surprised when Kitty told her to go home.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to stay?”

“No, Linny, I’m fine. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Feeling dismissed, Caroline went to her desk and grabbed her purse. Seeing her phone had a message, she stopped to see who had called. Since it was Elliott, she pushed play and listened.

Caroline, it’s me. I need you to stay with Kitty today until Ted comes in and gets you. I don’t have time to explain, just please do it.

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