The Captain’s Captive by Lyndsie Askea

The Captain’s Captive by Lyndsie Askea

Trying to find herself, she never felt so lost. Waking up in a strange place is a nightmare, especially when you’re being held against your will. Now Aubrey Elliott must find her way home, wherever that is. Previously… Miles and John look for a way to get off the island, while Gabby recovers some of her memory.

Episode 15 – Eavesdropping

Though Aubrey was at a loss for words, Gabby was not. Trying to piece together the night they met the girl, John’s sister was talking a mile a minute. As she walked herself through events, she seemed to be regaining bits of her memory. Aubrey was unsure whether this would ultimately be a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, she wanted to know what happened. On the other, she didn’t find Gabby to be particularly enjoyable to be around when she felt like herself. There was a cruelty in her eyes that Aubrey couldn’t trust.

“Johnny! That’s it! Johnny saw you across the bar and asked for my help. I remember now!” Gabby seemed proud of herself.

“Wait. You didn’t even come in until after I already met John.” Aubrey felt no less confused than before.

“Hmm…no, no. I specifically recall seeing you across the bar without Johnny. It’s fuzzy, but I know I’d been there before. I must have left and come back.”

Aubrey was skeptical, but from what she knew of the brother and sister, she couldn’t bring herself to feel surprised. There was plenty she didn’t know, but she was well aware that the pair was less than functional.

“Okay, so you were there, but why would you have drugged me. Why would John have wanted that?” Aubrey suddenly felt disgusted, not really needing an answer, but waiting for it anyway.

“I…I just can’t remember. He said he would make me a deal. I don’t know what it was. I must have wanted something.” Suddenly Gabby looked exhausted and on the verge of tears. “I’m so sorry. I want to help, but it’s not there.”

Aubrey sat upright, grasping her arm, and moved to stand. “Gabby, it’s ok. Really. I’ll see if I can get to the bottom of this.” She left the room on a mission, but without a plan.


Aubrey didn’t even know where she could find John, but she guessed he had to be near the worst of the damage from the wreck. A few questions to the crew led her to a room far less lavish than the others. She thought she might be near the engine room. Suddenly, she heard voices, knowing it was John and Miles. Miles sounded angry.

“You have to know what you’re doing to this girl isn’t right. She deserves to go home.”

“Oh Miles, why would she want to go home. I intend to give her everything. What more could a girl ask for?” John was oblivious to Miles’s point.

Aubrey knew she shouldn’t listen in without making herself known, but she couldn’t move. Her hands shook as she waited for them to continue.

“Captain, she could ask for her own home. Not having to always be on the run. How did you even get her to come on the ship with you?”

“Gabby managed to ‘persuade’ her. Not terribly unlike how she got your dear old dad right where we wanted him.”

Aubrey gasped, quickly clasped her hand over her mouth to avoid being heard. It was too late.

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