Loan Some: The Intern by Libby Anderson

Loan Some: The Intern by Libby Anderson

Lily Stone is an average young female with a need for something. That’s when she comes across an agency called Loan Some. There, she is paid to participate in various events and just be there for show. Maybe this is the change she secretly needs in her life. Or maybe not. At her time in the agency, she is faced with romance, drama, and fear. She wants some change in her life, but maybe this will be too much for her to handle. Never know unless you try, right? Previously… Lily had asked Damen to help her because a lot of strange things were happening and it was scaring her. Damen agreed to help and stay at her house until they figured out what was going on. He had to get some things from his house, leaving Lily alone and afraid. She opened the small box that was delivered to her house that morning. It exploded with a flash of light and smoke rolled out of it. Lily passed out, and when she awoke, she was in a dark place and her hands were bound. She heard a familiar voice. The readers voted that Isabelle was the one talking.

Episode 19


“Ta-da! In the flesh.”

Lily was beginning to get her vision back, and the sight she saw wasn’t a very pretty one. Isabelle was a mess. Her hair tangled, makeup smeared, and she had a weird look in her eyes. Lily’s heart beat hard and fast, as she sat bound in a chair.

“Scared, little girl? I told you, you wouldn’t be so lucky. And now we have you.” Isabelle showed a crazy smile.

Lily thought back to the other night. “You called me. But why are you doing this to me? What did I ever do to you?”

Isabelle slowly walked forward into the little bit of light in the room, revealing the knife she had in her hand. Lily took a short breath of air before Isabelle held the knife to her throat, looking into Lily’s eyes with anger.

“Because you took something of mine, and he won’t come back to me if you are in the picture. And I can’t just threaten you to move away because I now know his true feelings for you. Therefore, you need to die.”

Lily could feel the knife being pushed further and further into her neck. Any moment now it would break skin and kill her. Just like that.

“Isabelle,” said a voice.

She took the knife from Lily’s neck and turned around. “What? I know you want her first. I was just—”

“About to kill her.”

As chills went up Lily’s spine, she recognized that voice. “Nicholas.”

Nicholas walked up with a sly smile on his face. He looked at Isabelle. “Go get yourself cleaned up. You look a mess.”

Isabelle looked at Lily and then walked out of the room with a huff. Nicholas bent down to be face to face with Lily, who was still sitting in a chair, bound to it. He took his finger and lightly moved some hair off of her face and behind her ear.

“There. Now I can see your beauty. Sorry about Isabelle. She’s a little cranky. I bet you are wondering what’s going on.” He stood up and dragged Lily, who was still attached to the chair. Nicholas walked her to a different room, and she noticed there was a mattress on the floor. He unfastened her from the chair and threw her down on the bed.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Because. Isabelle and I both want you. Just in different ways. Isabelle wants to kill you because you took Damen away from her. As for me, well, I just want you so I can have some fun.” Nicholas took off his shirt.

Tears swelled in Lily’s eyes and streamed down her face. He’s going to rape me, and then let Isabelle kill me?! Lily tried to scurry away, but Nicholas was stronger and faster. He pulled Lily back onto the mattress and covered her mouth with his. He was kissing her with an ugly passion. She bit his lip and he drew back, slapping her hard across the face. Nicholas put his fingers to his bleeding lips.

“That’s going to cost you.”

Lily tried to move, but Nicholas was on top of her. Right then a loud bang echoed from the other side of the door. Nicholas whipped his head around.

This is my only chance, thought Lily. Fight or die!

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