For the Love of Fashion by Cara Riley

For the Love of Fashion by Cara Riley

Can Caroline bounce back after her career takes a nose dive due to the negligence of an uncaring, disengaged man who ran her down without so much as an apology? Elliott Maxwell is busy saving his grandmother’s company from his scheming stepmother. He decides he needs a mole and thinks Caroline is perfect for the job. Previously… Caroline pulled her panties out of Elliott’s pocket in front of his ex, Bella, forcing Elliott to make the decision of moving Caroline into his home and pretend she is his girlfriend.

Episode 9

“You did not say that!” Jose’s shocked look at Caroline had her second guessing her choice of words to Elliott right before slamming his office door earlier that day.

“Jose,” she whined, “you weren’t there, it was horrible. He ordered me to move in with him and be his girlfriend.”

“Girl, I’m still not seeing the bad side of this deal. Can you call him and tell him I’ll take your place?” He cringed as she looked up and he saw the raw look of confusion on her face. Going to her, he gathered her up in his arms, “Baby Girl, it’ll be okay. I still think this guy really likes you and doesn’t quite know what to do with you.”

Stepping back, Caroline gave a little laugh. “And ordering me to move in with him and become his girlfriend is supposed to be his game plan? Really?” Hearing the doorbell ring, they both turned towards it, neither moving. Jose raised an eyebrow. “I’m not expecting anyone,” she told him.

Sighing, he went over and opened the door. “Can I help you?” Jose asked the unknown person standing just out of Caroline’s sight. Looking over at Caroline, he nodded his head and motioned with his arm to come in. Caroline’s eyes got huge when she saw the stream of men entering her home, all carrying boxes.

“What’s going on?” She asked the first man, as she stood, hands on hip, directly in his path.

The man, holding a box in one hand and a piece of paper in the other, looked her up and down, and then handed her the paper. “Now I understand.”

Caroline looked at the paper, then looked at the man before looking at the paper again. “What the hell is going on?” Sighing, the man placed the paper in her hand and closed her fingers around it so it wouldn’t drop. He also set down the box, picked Caroline up, and deposited her over by Jose. Too shocked to say anything, Caroline just looked at the man, mouth hanging open, paper in her hand, with an invisible sign over her head that read, “WTF?”

“Look, I’m just the messenger. And we have our orders, so if you don’t mind, we really need to get to work.”

Jose and Caroline just looked at each other, and finally snapping out of their stupor, Caroline tore the paper open and started reading.

Dear Girlfriend Caroline,

I’m sorry you ran out of my office so quickly before we could make the arrangements to get your things over to the house, so I made them for us. These men are here to pack up your bedroom and bathroom. I will have all the rest at the house for your use. Or, if you’d rather, you can start all fresh and just bring yourself and I’ll buy you anything you need begin our new life together.

See you soon,

Boyfriend Elliott

P.S. Have Jose call me. I have a deal for him too.

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