For the Love of Fashion by Cara Riley

For the Love of Fashion by Cara Riley

Can Caroline bounce back after her career takes a nose dive due to the negligence of an uncaring, disengaged man who ran her down without so much as an apology? Elliott Maxwell is busy saving his grandmother’s company from his scheming stepmother. He decides he needs a mole and thinks Caroline is perfect for the job. Previously… Elliott sent Caroline shopping and for a makeover so hopefully no one would recognize her. Big mistake. Now she was more beautiful than ever.

Episode 8

“Bella, kindly remove your foot from on top of my girlfriend’s fingers,” Elliott warned as he stalked towards his ex with fire in his eyes. Stopping right in front of Caroline, he bent down and picked up her hand. “Are you okay, Darling?” Winking at Caroline, he hoped she understood his plea for understanding.

Smiling up at him, Caroline pulled away and reached down to pick up the folder. “I’m fine, E, I should go. I’m late.” Standing up, she kissed him chastely on his cheek. “Besides, I see you have things to take care of.” Turning quickly, she walked to the door.

Unfortunately, before Caroline could escape, she heard Bella chuckle and say, “Elliott, Baby, you don’t fool me. Little Miss Muffet is not your girlfriend-“

“Oh, Babe, I nearly forgot?” Caroline sauntered back to Elliott, who had just returned to his desk, “I can’t leave.” She leaned in and pressed her lips to his, hoping he’d take her bait and not leave her hanging. Hearing his sharp intake of breath, she smiled and pulled his bottom lip into her mouth. Keeping her eyes on his, she slowly pulled away, taking her hand out of his pocket as she did. “Without these. Thanks for grabbing them for me. I’ll see you at home.” She flashed the bright orange thong she’d pretended to pull from his jacket pocket as she sing-songed out of the office.

Going directly to the bathroom, Caroline heard Elliott’s office door slam a second later. Shit! Shit! Shit! Running into a stall, she locked the door and stood on the toilet. Praying Bella did not decide she needed to pee before leaving, Caroline stayed put for a full five minutes before venturing out. Looking both ways, she tiptoed back to Elliott’s office. Knocking lightly, she stuck her head in.

“Um, Mr. Maxwell?”

Whipping his head up, Elliott glared at her and raised an eyebrow. “Mr. Maxwell? Aren’t we a little too late for that?” Chuckling he said, “Get in here, Caroline. Or should I say, Babe?”

Blushing, she walked in and closed the door. “Who was that?”

“My ex who doesn’t want to be,” he told her as he walked towards her. “But I think she might have gotten the message.”

“Oh? Why’s that?”

“Because I’ve never had a woman stay the night in my home.”

“You told her I stayed at your house?”

“No, you did. I’ve also never been reversed pick-pocketed before. How did you happen to have a pair of panties with you, and why?”

“That’s none of your business.”

“It is now.”


“Because I cannot have my live-in girlfriend cheating on me this early in our relationship.”

“What relationship?” Caroline squeaked as she felt herself begin to panic.

“The one you told Bella we were having by your quick change of hand trick. She has by now told everyone here at Maxwell’s, and all her friends, I have a new live-in girlfriend.”


“You heard me. You are now my new live-in girlfriend.”

“Are you serious?”


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