Loan Some: The Intern by Libby Anderson

Loan Some: The Intern by Libby Anderson

Lily Stone is an average young female with a need for something. That’s when she comes across an agency called Loan Some. There, she is paid to participate in various events and just be there for show. Maybe this is the change she secretly needs in her life. Or maybe not. At her time in the agency, she is faced with romance, drama, and fear. She wants some change in her life, but maybe this will be too much for her to handle. Never know unless you try, right? Previously… Lily was at home, cooking supper when Nicholas knocked on the door. He told Lily he knew she wasn’t really Tara Andrews and asked her out on a date. Lily’s body screamed “No,” but her mind said “Yes.” After Nicholas left, Lily didn’t feel right about the situation she had just fallen into. On the day of her assignment, Lily was walking to the front entrance of the carnival, when she saw Tod talking to someone. The readers voted that the person Tod was talking to was Nicholas.

Episode 15

Lily couldn’t believe what she was seeing. There stood Tod, and he was talking to Nicholas. How do they even know each other? It’s like I can’t get away from Nicholas. Lily was lost in thought when Tod noticed her and started to walk over.

“Hello, Cassy.” Tod winked and gave her a smile, exposing his braces.

“Hello, Tod. How are you today?”

“Oh, I’m just great! So there is a little change in the plans for today, but don’t worry. Nothing too big.”

Lily grew really worried. A change in plans? This doesn’t sound good. Nicholas came up beside Tod and smiled.

“Lily.” Nicholas nodded.


Tod chimed in, “Nope. Today she is my friend, Cassy. Also, the change in plans is that my childhood friend, Nicky-boy here, is joining us. It’ll be fun, I promise!”

“Tod, I’ve told you before. Call me Nicholas, please.”

Tod waved his hand. “Fine, fine. Let’s go!”

They all got into the carnival, and Lily started to feel relaxed. She barely even noticed Nicholas was there because Tod was talking so much. It felt nice to just have a normal conversation for once, and not have a stressful time. After hours of playing games and riding rides, they decided to stop and get some food. They all sat down and started to eat.

“Excuse me, guys. I have to use the restroom. Watch my food for me?”

Tod left to find a restroom. Alone with Nicholas, Lily began to feel anxious.

“Finally, we are alone. Also, just to let you know, this doesn’t count as our date.”

“Why are you here then? Spying on me?”

Nicholas laughed. “No, no. Believe me. I didn’t even realize that you were going to come here. I just ran into Tod at the coffee shop this morning and he invited me, saying all the while that he had a nice girl lined up for the fun. And to my surprise, it was you.”

“Well, it just seems a coincidence that you are here when I am. That’s all I’m saying.” Lily continued to eat her food, trying to get off of the subject.

“It is just a coincidence, though. If I wanted to follow you, believe me, I’d do better than this.” His voice suddenly turned cold and serious, “You wouldn’t even notice me.”

Lily was shocked by the words when Tod plopped back down into his seat.

“Okay. Now I am better.” He looked at Lily and Nicholas, confused by the change in atmosphere. “Did something happen while I was gone?”

Nicholas shook his head. “Nope. Just some friendly conversation.”

After they ate, they walked around for a few more hours, playing games and riding rides. But in the back of Lily’s mind, Nicholas’ cold words still lingered. At the end of the day, Tod walked Lily to the entrance.

“Thank you for the lovely day, Lily. You are great company and an amazing woman. Until we meet again.” Tod gave a quick hug and left.

Lily walked to her car and was about to open the door when suddenly she was spun around, her arms placed at her sides, limiting her movement. She opened her eyes to see Nicholas smiling.

“What are you doing?”

“Let’s go on that date now.”

“Now? I’m tired. Not today.”

She tried to leave, but Nicholas wouldn’t let her open her car door. He was stronger than her.

“But now is better than ever.”

His eyes pierced into hers. Just then, a voice called out.

“That’s no way to treat a lady.”

Lily looked toward the voice, and there in the shadows was a figure. Their face was covered in darkness, but their voice sounded familiar to Lily.

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