Loan Some: Off-Off-Off Broadway by Rachel K. Barclay

Loan Some: Off-Off-Off Broadway by Rachel K. Barclay

Final Episode!   A comedic romp that follows aspiring actors as they take on undercover roles posing as friends, lovers, or family of clients who don’t have any. It’s a steady paycheck, but can these thespians keep their love of drama out of the workplace? Previously… Camilla, Beth and Richard’s new private eye client, has gone missing and left a suicide note behind. Beth believes there’s more than what meets the eye to this note. She believes Camilla is alive and well, but in need of help. She knows the Governor is the key to solving Camilla’s disappearance. Beth paid him a visit and he just pulled out a knife.

Episode 20

Beth had dialed 911 and hit the call button, but the phone fell limp to her side when she looked up and saw Governor Williams on his knees, nursing a lacerated hand. Amanda stood above him, the pocketknife now in her possession. She raised it to her throat.

“Amanda!” he whimpered.

“Isn’t this why you got the knife out?” she icily asked. “Let me do it for you.”

“No, no…” he cried, leaping up. “I got it out to scare her.” He motioned toward Beth.

She backed away from him, a lone tear falling down her cheek. “Come any closer and I’ll really do it.”

“Amanda, honey, just put the knife down,” he pleaded.

Beth felt her mouth go dry. She eyed Richard, who was standing motionless at the edge of the porch.

“Not until you admit to your constituents that you’ve been using paid time and ‘business trips”— she flashed quotation marks in the air— “to go off with that witch. You cheated on us with her.”

“I already said I’m sorry. What more do you want from me?”

Beth used this moment to approach her from behind. Wrapping her arm around Amanda’s torso, she grabbed the butt of the pocketknife and twisted it from her clammy grasp. To her surprise, Amanda shrieked but didn’t put up a fight. She crumpled to the ground with a sob. The governor crouched beside her. “It’s going to be all right.”

Beth remained standing, hovering over them like a storm cloud. “Where’s Camilla?” she demanded.

“Quiet! Can’t you see she’s not well?” the Governor hissed.

“I’m asking you,” Beth retorted.

“If I knew, she wouldn’t’ be missing, now would she?”

“So you admit she’s missing now?” Beth asked.

“Why are you freaking out about Camilla?” Amanda asked, looking to her father. “I already told you, she’s fine.”

Beth kneeled beside her. “Where is she, Amanda? Where’s Camilla?

Amanda looked to her father, a stubborn glint in her eye. “I’m not telling.”

“That’s it. I’m calling, Jason,” the Governor declared.

“Don’t you dare,” yelled Amanda.

“Who’s Jason?” Beth and Richard asked simultaneously.

“Her boyfriend.”

Beth felt her blood began to pulse. “I need his address.”


“Now! I’ll explain later.”

“447 Sycamore Drive,” the governor replied.

“Near downtown?” Richard asked.

Before he could answer, Beth sprinted to the car. Richard ran after her. “Don’t go without me!”


Beth watched the last police car leave behind the ambulance transporting Camilla to the hospital. As she suspected, she found Camilla tied to a kitchen chair, duck-tape plastered over her mouth, in Jason’s living room. Luckily, other than the terrified look on Camilla’s face, she appeared to be okay.

Beth took a deep breath and sat on the porch stoop, the day’s events swirling in front of her like a furious funnel cloud. Richard sat beside her. “Business partners?” he asked, raising a mischievous eyebrow. Before she could answer, he lowered his face and softly brushed his lips against hers.
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