Loan Some: The Intern by Libby Anderson

Loan Some: The Intern by Libby Anderson

Lily Stone is an average young female with a need for something. That’s when she comes across an agency called Loan Some. There, she is paid to participate in various events and just be there for show. Maybe this is the change she secretly needs in her life. Or maybe not. At her time in the agency, she is faced with romance, drama, and fear. She wants some change in her life, but maybe this will be too much for her to handle. Never know unless you try, right? Previously… Lily got her new assignment, and it was to go to a carnival with a guy named Tod. As Tod and Lily were in the elevator leaving the building, Damen decided to join them. On the way up to the main floor, Damen questioned Tod and his intentions with Lily. Tod laughed him off and said it was just for fun. When Tod left, Lily got stuck inside the elevator with Damen, and there, he told her that he didn’t want her to go on any dates with guys unless it was him. Confused, Lily went home, only to have Nicholas knock at her door hours later. She wondered what he was doing at her house. Readers voted that Nicholas was there to ask Lily out on a date.

Episode 14

Lily stood at the door, momentarily confused. She didn’t know what to say or do. Nicholas cleared his throat and smiled.

“I just wanted to stop by to see how you were doing.”

The sound of his voice gave Lily the chills, but she tried to suppress them.

“Nicholas, I’m doing fine. Why are you at my house? Better yet, how do you know where I live?”

He let out a small laugh. “I know everything. And I am here to ask you a question.”

Lily’s heart started to race. He knows everything? Does he know who I really am?

“Well, first. I know that your real name isn’t Tara Andrews. So let’s start fresh.”

His smile grew even wider as he outstretched his hand.

“Hi. My name is Nicholas Tazmen.”

Lily took his hand out of politeness and shook it. Reluctantly, she answered him.

“Lily Stone.”

There was no use in hiding that anymore. Not after he said he knew everything.

“Lily Stone. That is a lovely name. Well, Lily, I am here to ask you on a date.”

Lily’s jaw dropped. A date?! She thought back to Damen, and how he had said he was the only one allowed to go on a date with her.

“You want to go on a date with me? Why? You don’t even know me.”

“That is exactly why. I want to know you better. You are very intriguing, beautiful, and I can’t seem to get you off my mind.”

Lily took a deep breath. Not allowed to go on a date with any other guy, huh, Damen? Lily decided to take Nicholas up on this offer. No matter how her body reacted to him. It is just one harmless date, right?

“Okay. I’ll go out with you, but just once. I am kind of busy here of late.”

Nicholas clapped his hands and chuckled. “Great! I’ll call you in few days and make a day planned out for just you and me.”

A shiver ran up Lily’s spine. They said their goodbyes, and Nicholas left. Lily went on with her night. Later on, she was lying in bed, thinking and worrying. Just him and me. Oh no. What have I done? No! Damen can’t control me. I’ll go once, and it will prove to Damen that I can date anyone that I like. If he can have someone still want him, then I can have someone like me. She nodded her head as if to confirm her thoughts and fell asleep.


Before Lily knew it, the day of her next job was here. She was looking forward to having a fun time. She dressed in some fitting jeans and a tank top that didn’t reveal too much. She drove to the address that Mr. Bill gave her. She parked her car and walked to the entrance of the carnival. There stood Tod, dressed casually as well. She started to go toward him but noticed he was talking to someone.

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