The Captain’s Captive by Lyndsie Askea

The Captain’s Captive by Lyndsie Askea

Trying to find herself, she never felt so lost. Waking up in a strange place is a nightmare, especially when you’re being held against your will. Now Aubrey Elliott must find her way home, wherever that is. Previously… Aubrey woke aboard a yacht with no memory of how she arrived. Her handsome captor proposed marriage, though she doesn’t know why he thinks she will say yes.

Episode 8 – Permission to Board

Suddenly, a shrill laugh burst from the balcony. Gabby.

“Oh, Johnny, that is sad and beautiful. I have to say, you are a true romantic.”

For the first time, Aubrey saw John’s eyes fall and lift again, filled with rage. Yet, his smile remained. It was a fearsome sight and Aubrey could not have wished more to be invisible.

“Sister, would you please give Aubrey and I a moment?” John asked through clenched teeth. A question, but not a request.

Gabby clearly didn’t get the message as she descended the stairs, haughty simper firmly affixed. She continued, “So serious, brother. You’re more like dad than you realize.”

Aubrey didn’t understand why, but Gabby had crossed some line, and she could sense the wrath John was about to rain down.

As John’s sister finished her sentence, she reached arm’s distance. A mistake, as he quickly slapped her open-handed across the face, leaving Gabby’s cheek reddened. A look of shock and disgust rose and vanished, almost too fast to see. Her composure returned and she straightened, refusing to let John see how his blow had ruffled her.

“Don’t you ever mention him to me again, Gabrielle. I promise you’ll be sorry if you even utter his name under your breath,” John’s teeth were gritted, lips turned upward wickedly. “Now,” he continued, “Why don’t you go see where the wait staff got off to.”

Aubrey gripped the arms of the chair, suddenly aware once again of the tremendous danger she could be in. Gabby was John’s sister, yet his temper lead him to strike her without any sign of remorse or hesitation. She frantically wondered to herself how to answer his proposal, seeing clearly that he was as volatile as he was handsome.

John turned to Aubrey, poised to inquire again about their marriage when Miles entered the room.

“Sir, we have a problem.” The first mate looked even more concerned than when he had left, Aubrey thought.

“Miles, I’m quite busy, can it wait?” John was losing patience.

“I’m afraid not, sir. It’s…It’s the Coast Guard. I’m afraid they’ve spotted us. They’ve radioed that we should allow them to board in search of fugitives. They’re looking for you, sir.” For a moment, Aubrey thought she saw a glimmer of deception in his eyes, but John seemed not to notice.

As Miles awaited a reply, John began pacing rapidly back and forth, muttering to himself. Aubrey sat there helplessly; completely confused by everything she had just seen and heard. What the H-E-double hockey sticks was going on? She thought for a moment of the days before she ended up aboard the yacht. She had been so bored and desperately restless for adventure. Sitting on a ship watching a frightening ship’s captain decide how to handle law enforcement made her deeply regret every complaint she ever offered to a coworker about her sad, unexciting life!

“Can we outrun them?” John asked tersely.

Miles paused, unsure of how to answer.

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