Loan Some: Legally Bound by Olivia Batker Pritzker

Loan Some: Legally Bound by Olivia Batker Pritzker

Final Episode!   The series follows Jade, a former waitress and seasoned Loan Some employee who thinks she’s done it all – until the lawyer of a wealthy recluse charged with murder hires her to act as the man’s sympathetic fiancée throughout the trial. As Jade gets into the role, she becomes more and more wrapped up in the case and with the eccentric defendant, whom she’s not at all sure is innocent. Previously…  after finding Sibyl Downing’s dead body at the diner, Jade reads her confession naming William as her co-conspirator and killer. When William shows up outside Jade’s house, readers voted that she doesn’t let him in and calls the police.

Episode 20 

William knocked on the glass again, and for the second time that night Jade felt frozen. Sibyl’s accusations seemed ridiculous, impossible. Set up his own client? Kill Josiah Carver? Then double-cross his partner and kill her too? William, who had hired her, whose presence had always felt so reassuring. But as she looked at his face through her front window, Jade felt a plummeting feeling in her stomach. It was true. William White was the bad guy.

The seconds ticked by. William’s eyes were glittering strangely. She slowly reached for her phone, keeping eye contact with William as she carefully typed 9-1-1.

He seemed to know what she was doing. William’s expression changed to one of angry urgency and he banged on the window so loudly she thought it would break.

“Jade!” He shouted. “Jade let me in! I need to talk to you.”

Jade’s finger hovered over the send icon. She didn’t know why she was hesitating. Be smart Jade, she told herself. For once in your life. The memory of Sibyl’s body was still seared in her mind and she concentrated on that image as she pressed send. Slowly, still looking at William, she raised the phone to her ear.

“911 what is your emergency?”

“I…” Where to begin? Jade’s breath caught in her throat as William began trying to force the window open.

“There’s someone trying to break into my house,” she finally squeaked. “I’m alone. Please hurry.”

Jade hung up and ran into the kitchen, grabbing her biggest knife. Ok, she told herself, breathing hard. You can do this. She gripped the knife and started back to the living room when she heard the unmistakable sound of glass shattering. Terrified, Jade entered the room to see William climbing through her broken window, jagged glass tearing up his perfectly pressed suit.

“Get back,” Jade yelled, brandishing her knife. “Stop!”

Fully inside, William brushed shards of glass off his shirt and raised his hands in defense.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Jade,” he said slowly.

“Why did you kill her?” Jade asked shakily. “You didn’t have to kill her; you both would have gotten away with it!”

William sighed. “She became too much of a liability. I cared about Sibyl, but when it became clear that I could get what I needed without her…” He spread his hands open as if to indicate, what else could I do?

“Plus she was weak,” William continued dispassionately. “You read that pathetic confession. She sent a copy to me too, I suppose to threaten me. Well, you saw how that worked out for her.” He shook his head. “It’s a shame, she played her part beautifully for a while.”

Jade tried to hold her knife steady, but her hand was shaking too hard. Where were the police? She looked out the window but all she saw was the first light of dawn creeping up over the trees.

“Anyway,” William went on, “we don’t have much time. I assume you’ve called the police and they’ll be here shortly. So…”

He moved toward her and Jade stumbled backwards, waving her knife again.

“Get back!” She said again, more faintly this time. William smiled.

“Don’t be silly Jade,” he said quietly. “Now here’s what’s going to happen. You and I are going to go outside and get in your car, and then we’re going for a little drive.”

He stepped closer to Jade and she swung the knife at his approaching form. But William was quicker and grabbed her upper arm, forcing her to drop the knife. She screamed and twisted away but William’s grip was too strong, and he dragged her struggling body to the door.

“Please,” Jade gasped as she pulled and writhed in William’s iron grip.

William said nothing. He grabbed Sibyl’s confession and Jade’s keys from the front table and pulled her outside toward the car. Jade looked wildly around for the police, but they were nowhere in sight.

With Jade securely bound, William backed the car out of the driveway and sped off down the street. In the rearview mirror, Jade could finally see flashing police car lights, and she heard the sound of a siren growing fainter and fainter as they drove away.
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