For the Love of Fashion by Cara Riley

For the Love of Fashion by Cara Riley

Can Caroline bounce back after her career takes a nose dive due to the negligence of an uncaring, disengaged man who ran her down without so much as an apology? Elliott Maxwell is busy saving his grandmother’s company from his scheming stepmother. He decides he needs a mole and thinks Caroline is perfect for the job. Previously… Elliott tracked down Caroline and made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. Or does she?

Episode 4

“So, let me get this straight. You want me to dye my hair, wear these glasses, dress how you tell me, AND go back to work for the bitch who fired me today?” Caroline looked at Elliott, one eyebrow raised, doubt evident in her voice.

“Yes, and I’ll pay you double.”

“Now, why would you want me to do that?”

“Let’s just say I need someone I can trust to tell me what’s going on in that department.”

“You think you can trust me?”

“I know I can.”

Caroline looked closely into Elliott’s face. “You’re serious.”

“I never kid about money, Caroline. That’s something you will learn about me. My stepmother has control of my father’s money and I don’t trust a move she makes.”

“Why not just go in and fire her?”

“Thanks to my father, he guaranteed her a position unless she was caught doing something intentionally detrimental to the company.”

“Do you think that’s what she is doing?” Caroline was beginning to see the whole picture now.

“I don’t think; I know she is. That’s what I need you for. I need the proof. “

“Okay, Mr. Maxwell, as long as she doesn’t recognize me, I’m game.”

“Trust me, Caroline, I didn’t recognize you when you came into the kitchen. I can guarantee you she won’t either.”

Caroline found her hand self-consciously going to her hair.

Elliott grabbed her fingers, bringing them to his lips, and said, “Don’t get me wrong Caroline. I find you even more beautiful with your lovely hair down and those sexy glasses.”

Blushing furiously, Caroline snatched her hand away. Could she work for this man? Just one look and he had her a heated mess of goo. Seeing him grin, she knew she wanted to see more of that. “When would I start?”

Letting out a huge sigh of relief, Elliott told her, “Tomorrow. However, instead of going to the building, you will be going with Jan for the day.”

“Who’s Jan?”

“My personal shopper. Don’t worry you’ll love her. I must get going. I’ll see you tomorrow and we’ll talk more. Thank you for accepting my offer, Caroline.” Turning, he went to the door and let himself out.


Early the next day, Jan, Elliott’s personal shopper, picked her up and started her long day of being dressed, cut, dyed, buffed, and polished. Caroline wasn’t prepared for Elliott to show up as she stepped out of the dressing room. She was wearing a floor-length deep blue lace dress. Her eyes met his and she heated everywhere. His look seared her in place.

“D, d, d, do you like it?” she stammered.

“Yes, very much,” Elliott said, moving to stand directly in front of her. “You’ll be the belle of the ball tonight.”


“Yes, Caroline. I’d like you to accompany me to a charity function.”

“But,” she started, “but you never mentioned that in the job description.”

“That’s because it’s not. I’m asking you to go as my date.”

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