The Captain’s Captive by Lyndsie Askea

The Captain’s Captive by Lyndsie Askea

Trying to find herself, she never felt so lost. Waking up in a strange place is a nightmare, especially when you’re being held against your will. Now Aubrey Elliott must find her way home, wherever that is. Previously… as Aubrey waits for John to arrive for dinner, Miles is put in the impossible position to stand up to a dangerous man.

Episode 7 – The Proposal

Miles stood aghast as John awaited his enthusiastic “yes.” He would never receive it, however, as his first mate was frantically trying to conjure up a compelling argument for why he absolutely could not officiate his wedding. Miles knew the legal reasons would be insufficient to convince someone who thought very little of laws. The truth was, there was no credence to the rumor that international waters were somehow sacredly recognized for marriages. Anyway, Miles was no captain, even if the myth were true. He knew that John cared only for the symbolism his officiation would provide. For reasons Miles would never quite comprehend, this man considered him a dear friend. For the safety of his family, he let him believe it.

“Sir,” Miles cleared his throat before continuing, “certainly I’m not the person…what I mean to say is…I barely know this girl. Would she even be comfortable?”

“Mate, you worry too much, and it’s endearing. Really. You’ve gotta stop questionin’ my wisdom in matters like this. Any friend of mine will be a friend of hers. She is a good girl. I’m lucky to have found her.” More sincerity. He believed every word he was saying, and that’s what scared Miles the most.

“Look, I can’t keep Aubrey waiting any longer. She’ll have my head. Just think it over.” With that, John rushed past Miles and through the bridge doors, leaving him lost for what to do.


Startled once again, Aubrey looked up as the captain entered the dining room. Since the first mate had left, she’d been greeted by two stewardesses and several other nondescript but very nervous crewmembers. All wanted to know whether she was “quite comfortable” and scurried away relieved when she claimed she was. In fact, she was anything but comfortable, though it wasn’t in her nature to say so. She had already tried to gain some insight from Miles and was bitterly disappointed. She wouldn’t make the mistake of letting her guard down again. There was some sort of game afoot, and her instincts told her to play along.

“Hello my beautiful girl! I’m horribly sorry to keep you waiting. I had a few last minute details to handle. Looks like Amelia has outdone herself again!” John referred admiringly to the gorgeous cobalt blue, strapless dress that appeared to have been made just for Aubrey, flattering every curve and accentuating her milky complexion.

Aubrey’s face reddened at the compliment. All things considered, she did feel quite beautiful. The apparel was finer than anything she had ever worn. Had a tiara been included, she would have been tempted to feel like a princess. As it was, she felt like a well-dressed prisoner. In her heart, she knew she was.

“Aubrey, my love, I had wanted to wait until after dessert, but I can’t help myself. I’ve been bursting to ask all day…will you please do me the great honor of becoming my wife?” John brandished a ring with a diamond larger than any the girl had seen in her whole life. Suddenly, Aubrey felt like all the air had been sucked from the room.

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