Loan Some: Off-Off-Off Broadway by Rachel K. Barclay

Loan Some: Off-Off-Off Broadway by Rachel K. Barclay

A comedic romp that follows aspiring actors as they take on undercover roles posing as friends, lovers, or family of clients who don’t have any. It’s a steady paycheck, but can these thespians keep their love of drama out of the workplace? Previously… Camilla, Beth and Richard’s new client at Richard’s Private Eye Agency, has gone missing and left a suicide note behind. Beth believes there’s more than what meets the eye to this note. She believes Camilla is alive and well, but in need of help. Will Beth be able to solve the hidden message in the note before it’s too late?

Episode 18

Beth’s pulse rose as she spotted the Governor’s home in the distance. Surprisingly, there was no security that buffered the grand old Colonial styled home from the open streets. Unlike Camilla’s estate, there were no gates or video cameras, only two cars sitting at the end of the driveway.

Richard sighed in the seat beside her. “I can’t believe I’m letting you drive my car.”

“Believe it,” she quipped, shooting a smile in his direction.

“Dare I assume you’re actually enjoying yourself right now? Working on a case with me?”

“Perhaps,” she replied with a laugh. She gripped the steering wheel tighter and felt the momentum of her determination pushing her forward. Power surged up her spine, and with it, a sense of exotic elation. Never had she felt such a light clarity of purpose—such tremendous impact dancing at her fingertips. “I think we’re going to get to the bottom of things right here, right now.” She slowed the car before turning into the long, straight drive.

After exiting the car, she mentally prepared what she would say to whoever answered the door. The swift emergence of the Governor from the side of the house left her mind at a blank, though. His thinning red hair looked like a forest fire in the blazing white heat and purple shadows of the early evening light. His face was twisted in a perplexed frown. “I’m terribly sorry,” he called in an annoyed voice. “But we’re not taking visitors right now. If this has to do with payment for last night,” he continued, looking from Richard to her, “then please call my office during business hours. Sheila will put you in touch with my accountant.”

“I’m afraid we’re here to discuss another matter.” She rooted her feet firmly in the ground, knowing this moment would define the remaining turn of events.

“As I said, I’m not taking visitors right now–”

“It’s about Camilla,” she interjected.

The governor’s face paled. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” His voice rose to an agitated pitch as he began walking back to the house. “I said I’m busy.”

“But sir, she’s missing.”

He spun back around. “Leave before I call the police.”

“You don’t want to do that,” Richard said.

A flash of fear shimmered in the Governor’s eyes. “And why not?

“That’s not the way we’re handling this,” she crossly whispered, stepping in front of Richard, so she had the Governor’s full attention. “We’re here because we know you love Camilla and we need your help.”

“I’m sure you’re mistaken,” he croaked, removing a white handkerchief from his pocket to dab his glistening forehead. “Camilla’s fine. She goes away from time to time. I’m sure she’s not missing, just gallivanting off somewhere.”

“Her housekeeper called the police this morning. Camilla left a suicide note and her body can’t be found on her estate. I don’t think she committed suicide, though. I believe she’s being held somewhere against her will.”

Shards of terror erupted from the Governor’s face.

“Who’s there?” called a voice from front doorway of the home.

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