Heart of Palms by Holly L. Aasen

Heart of Palms by Holly L. Aasen

Heart of Palms is a series involving a wealthy family that is unknowingly manipulated by a palm reader close to the family, who is in actuality only out to achieve her own goals at all costs. She has dedicated her life to a small religious sect that worships Eris, the goddess of chaos, in order to demonstrate the superiority of the religion over common mainstream religions. In order to reach her goals, this family and those associated with them will naively become pawns in her game, altering their lives out of a whirlwind of chaos, danger, and malice. Previously… Veronica arrived in LA and was unsettled by an unidentified man who was pretending to be a bartender at a party in the house where Lily and Ella were staying. 

Episode 14

A few days had gone by since Veronica had arrived in LA and the party that took place. She had concerns about the unidentified man, particularly since there was no video footage. She saved the glass he served her to see if police could identify the fingerprints. There was no match with anyone on record. Veronica decided she would stay for the next month while Lily was making the movie. It was easy enough for her to work remotely and then she could make sure Lily was safe. After all, Lily had been through a lot and she wasn’t entirely back to herself or thinking clearly sometimes.

As for her other daughter, Ella was happier than she’d ever been with her new love. She had quickly fallen in love with Thomas, the neighborhood housesitter. She had also decided to stay longer as she was loving LA, with no stress from her work at the hospital. It was the first time she truly felt carefree. Maybe she would move here she thought. She wasn’t sure where the relationship would go but she was enjoying their time together. Little did she know, but she was being watched. The mystery man from the party had been there to plant a bug in her phone. Ella was the last connection to Cole and the baby. As his surgeon, he might be in contact with her for prescriptions or potential complications. Maya’s father was determined to find them so he kept a couple of his men monitoring the house and phone in case there was any contact.

Cole had been very careful with their locations and staying out of contact with anyone as they traveled across the country. He had put together a plan for fixing this whole situation with Maya’s father. He had been waiting for the right time and believed he could put his plan into action soon. They had kept a low profile and were currently staying in a camper only about 100 miles away from LA. He had put much thought into devising this plan and soon they would be safe.

In order to carry out his plan, he would have to be gone for a few days. He had stocked the cabin and would keep in touch with disposable phones. He hadn’t shared his plan with Maya so she was very nervous. She knew it had to be dangerous. Cole thought that just in case something went wrong, he wouldn’t want her to be implicated so the less she knew the better. He had a small motorcycle to use for getting around and some supplies in a backpack. He would leave first thing in the morning.

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