For the Love of Fashion by Cara Riley

For the Love of Fashion by Cara Riley

Can Caroline bounce back after her career takes a nose dive due to the negligence of an uncaring, disengaged man who ran her down without so much as an apology? Elliott Maxwell is busy saving his grandmother’s company from his scheming stepmother. He decides he needs a mole and thinks Caroline is perfect for the job. Previously… Elliott finds out his stepmother fired Caroline for his misstep this morning. What does he plan to do now?

Episode 3

“Wake up, Caroline.”

Why was someone shouting? “Go away.”

“Caroline, what are you doing home, drunk, in the middle of the day?”

Who’s Caroline? And drunk sounds good. What day is it?

“Caroline, wake up!”

Okay, okay, just stop shouting. “Okay, I’m awake.” Sitting up, she opened her eyes to see her best friend and roommate, Jose, looking at her with concern etched in his face.

“What are you doing home now? Aren’t you supposed to be at work?”

“I kinda got fired today.”

“But you just started your new job.”

“Technically, I didn’t get a chance to start my new job.” Seeing the puzzling look, Caroline filled him in on her day.

“I need to go wash my face, and take my contacts out. Mascara and crying don’t go together.”

“I’ll make us some comfort dinner, and when you get out, we can sit and watch Steele Magnolias if you want.”

“Geez, Jose, I got fired, not dumped. We can at least watch Mean Girls.

Hoping she remembered where she put her glasses, she quickly washed her face and took her contacts out. Locating her big, out-of-date, black-rimmed spectacles, she followed her nose to the kitchen.

Entering the dining room, she stopped dead. There, sitting on a barstool, was the man who got her fired, laughing with her best friend, drinking her beer.

Oh hell no.

Elliott turned his head, and met her eyes, and all the words she’d been thinking left her. She didn’t remember his piercing blue eyes and chiseled face shaped like a Greek God. She tried to look away, but found it impossible.

Caroline look away right now, and geez, a Greek God? Really?

“Caroline!” Jose said. “Look who’s come to talk with you about your job. Isn’t that great?”

Getting up, Elliott walked towards Caroline with his hand extended. “Caroline. I’ve come to apologize about this morning’s coffee fiasco.”

Looking at his hand, Caroline walked around him and went to stand next to Jose. “Mr. Maxwell, how did you know where to find me?”

“I, um,-“ Elliott knew his answer wasn’t going to set well with her, but coming back to the barstool, he sat and said, “look, Ms. West, I became aware this morning during my meeting that my stepmother, Kitty Maxwell, fired you for something that was my fault.” Seeing he had stunned her with this news, he continued, “I would like to offer you a job.”

“Caroline! That’s great!” Jose said as he wrapped his arms around her.

Elliott looked at them and wondered what kind of relationship the two had. Not that it mattered he told himself, he was just being curious.

Stunned, Caroline stared at the beautiful man sitting in front of her. Why would he want to help her by offering her a job? He obviously was part of the Maxwell family, why bother with her?

“Mr. Maxwell, what kind of job are you offering?”

“That’s just it Caroline. You’d have to be willing to be a little deceitful.”

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